Wednesday 18 November 2015

Three years and I am still here....Thank you!

It is just over three years ago since I posted my first blog post. I missed my own blog birthday It was on the 16th of November....Since that first blog post I have posted every day....Sometimes twice a day....Go me! hehehe I think I am doing OK even though sometimes I don't have a clue what I'm doing....It may not be the prettiest, have the most followers or the most exciting but it's my little space on the internet and I love it.....

It's been a great year in the blogging world for me....I have had some amazing opportunities and shared some fantastic memories....I can't remember what life was like before blogging and I can't imagine not blogging now....

This year saw me joining in with Project 365. A photo every day for a year....I honestly didn't think I would manage it but I am....I admit I missed one day earlier in the year as I think we were all ill but I'm proud of myself and it is a great thing to look back on.....Lots of everyday, normal memories!

As well as Project 365 I have also carried on with my Meal planning Monday, Word of the Week and Wicked Wednesdays posts....All linkies which I really love. Thank you to ladies who host them!

Thank you to the wonderful PR's and companies who have faith in me and send us wonderful products to try....I have worked with so many fantastic brands and companies over the last year including:

90:10 // Betty Crocker // Old El Paso // Serenata Flowers // Baker Days // Chemist Direct // Kano // Peanut Hottie // Tenstickers // Lottie Dolls // Trespass // Science kits // Zoflora // Mr Tumble // Haribo // Vita Coco Kids // Upbeat drinks // Tracker Bars // Wicked Uncle // Imprify Photo Books // Baker Ross // Lego Elves // Graze // Weekend Box // Encona // Vanish // Aldi // Brewers Fayre // HUE Animation Studio and many more....
This time last year I was running my first giveaway and since then I have ran a few more and hopefully I have made a few people happy....I know when I win a competition it really brightens my day up....

Early on in the year I made it into the TOTS100 and stayed there a few months....Yay! I may have nearly given Stu a heart attack when I screamed and shouted about it....hehehe I think that's the biggest thing to happen in my little blogging bubble over the last year even though I say I don't care about things like this it's nice to know for a little while I was in the same league as those amazing blogs I read and love.

So anyone aiming for the top 100, if I can get up there you can you!!
I want to thank everyone who reads my little piece of the internet and takes time out of their day to comment....I do read every single comment....I am just rubbish at finding the time to reply to the comments....

Thank you to my blogging friends who share my posts and are there to offer advice when I need it....You are all amazing!

Thank you to my girls for being so patient when I'm photographing their food and being good sports when I post photos of them doing silly things...And last but not least Thank you to Stu for listening to me go on about people he doesn't know, my rants when something doesn't work properly or when I make him get up from his seat to give me his opinion on a blog post.....

Thank You!!


  1. Congratulations on your third blogaversary. We've been blogging for three years too. I am very impressed that you have managed a post every single day!

    Enjoy your birthday party 🍰🎈🎉

  2. Happy blog birthday :) I'm amazed that you've blogged everyday for 3 years! I try to blog daily but go through stages where I really just can't be bothered (usually during the summer holidays!) and don't think I've ever managed to blog everyday for a year!
    Here's to many more happy blogging years :o) xx

    1. Aww! Thank you! It's hard work but I love every moment :)

  3. Happy bloggy birthday! Lovely to have you joining in with #WotW, thank you x

  4. Happy blog birthday! Lovely positive post to read today :) here's to another year!xx

  5. Happy belated blog birthday, wow posting every day for three years is amazing! You have a lovely blog that I love to read so I am sure that you will be back in the top 100 and have even more amazing opportunities this year xx

  6. Happy Blog Birthday :) Mine is just a little older but I've never made it into Tots100 so go you!! I couldn't blog every day though, you've done an amazing job, long may it continue x

    1. Thank you!
      Oh my! That is shocking! You deserve to be in the 100. I love your blog x

  7. Happy belated 3rd birthday blog!.
    One of my favs ;) xx

  8. Amazing lovely. Happy blogoversary and here's to many more years xx