Saturday 21 November 2015

Project 365 - Week 47

Another week of Project 365.....A photo every day for a year!

318/365 14th November 2015
I didn't take any photos on Saturday.....I stayed off Twitter....It was just too sad. I did pop on Facebook and ended up changing my profile picture. The only picture I have on my phone from that day....
319/365 15th November 2015
No real photo again but Timehop came up with this one. We played the Iceland I'm a Celebrity Bushtucker Trial Game last year and I'm a Celeb started on Sunday....Great timing!!

320/365 16th November 2015
Playing the Disney Pictopia game! So much fun!

321/365 17th November 2015
We all got soaked on the way home from school.....Poor Becky caught the worst of it!

322/365 18th November 2015
It rained most of the day until about 15 minutes before the school run.....It almost looked like a summers day!

323/365 19th November 2015
Play-Doh after school....

324/365 20th November 2015
Some of my birthday pressies arrived. The one's I knew about...Everyone had a good look through the delivery but I wasn't allowed....I could look but not touch. Today I will get my hands on them. hehehe


  1. Enjoy your presents! The events of Paris are so dreadful, aren't they? I don't think many people felt like going on social media - apart from as a way of finding out what was happening.

    1. Thank you! It was awful...I imagine good for people who have loved one's in France....Those poor people x

  2. Ha! I write about school run rain in my blogpost to go live tomorrow on my week too, we got soaked! I was also very sad I hardly had anything to say tbh xx

  3. We had miserable weather too, and today's freezing. I hate walking to/from school in the rain. And yes, it was a sad day, and scary too.