Wednesday 11 November 2015

Topsy & Tim made me cry!

I get emotional at all sorts of TV shows....Surprise, surprise, 24 hours in A&E and all the soaps. A few years ago I never imagined getting emotional at TV shows shown on CBeebies....Then Topsy and Tim came along!

I have found myself crying a few times while watching this show.....If you haven't seen the show maybe you remember the books from years ago....It follows the everyday adventures of two fun-loving twins Topsy and Tim...It is about their normal life and what they get up to. 

A while ago I cried when the twins started school....It's a parent thing. It brought back memories of my girls starting school....

A few weeks ago Topsy got poorly and had to spend some time in hospital when she had her appendix out....Bless her and bless Tim who was worried about her sister....It brought back memories of my girls being in hospital when they had their heart surgery....I cried!

Then at the end of last weeks episode we found out Mossy. Topsy & Tim's grandmothers dog was poorly at the vets.....Eek!

This week's episode was hardcore for a children's TV show.....Mossy the dog died!! It was handled so well in a sensitive manner....The BBC even put out a warning about what was going to happen which I missed....Luckily my girls were fine with it. They are older so know about life and death unfortunately....I really feel for parents of little one's who didn't see the warning....There may be some awkward questions tonight..

Well done to the BBC for addressing real issues that children have to go through in their young lives....I think Topsy and Tim is a wonderful TV show....It allows you to discuss difficult situations that one day may a reality for them....

The next episode ‘All Change’ concludes the series with a story some months later about other changes in the twins lives. Ellie has read the preview and it has skipped 3 months....Grandma is getting a new puppy and the twins prepare for their new baby brother!!! Eek! I will have to get the tissues ready!!


  1. Hi Kim, i saw this last night and cried too. My little boy, who's 3, asked me a few questions about death. Our dog Rascal died last year and we explained what death was to him then. It's awful having to tell them hideous things like that. The BBC did a great job.

    1. Aww! Bless him! It is horrible having to talk about things like death :(

  2. I can guarantee that the dog death would have had me sobbing. I have seen this, though rarely actually watch it as I'm buzzing about getting things done. Sounds like a great show for helping kids understand some of these issues x

  3. I found it emotional when Tim found out Tony wasn't going to school with him, just Tim's emotion in general gets me. Also in "school shoes" when Kerry said "I miss my mummy" whilst looking sad, that one got me too.