Saturday 7 November 2015

Project 365 - Week 45

Another week of photos for Project 365....

 304/365. 31st October 2015
Halloween and we had a party tea with a lot of cakes! Yum!

305/365 1st November 2015
Stu trying to fix his computer!

306/365 2nd November 2015
The Saccone-Joly's calendar....My girls love the YouTube family and were so happy when I bought them it....It will be in the kitchen next year....I suppose it's better than the One Direction one we have at the moment....

307/365 3rd November 2015
Another foggy morning....

308/365 4th November 2015
The letter from my girls heart check up....Becky's one! For once I actually understand it all....
309/365 5th November 2015
I made a start on doing the Christmas food shop.....I know it's early but it will give me an idea of how much I'm going to spend....

310/365 6th November 2015
Ellie eating one of the cheese scones she made at school....She now thinks she is a good enough baker to go on The Great British Bake


  1. Those cakes look yummy!
    Fog seems to be an everyday thing here at the moment, makes it look really eerie over the fields (I watch to many horror films).
    It must of been such a rocky road for you going through both girls having a heart defect. I think our only wish as a parent is that our kids are safe and well. Here's to many more healthy years for your girls x

  2. Your Halloween tea looks delicious. Laughed at the photo of your other half sorting out his computer. Hope all is well with your girls and their hearts, it must be such a worry.

    1. I laughed at him too....It would have been so much easier just to unplug it all & get it out.
      Both the girls are good...Thank you!