Friday 27 November 2015

This week has been Challenging! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

How I have not gone mad or lost my temper in a huge way is beyond me....It's been one of those weeks....

On Monday we had Becky's appointment to get her braces tightened....I wasn't looking forward to it. It was chucking it down with rain and we had a 20 minute walk....Ugh!

Becky had her braces tightened and they added elastic bands to them.....A band which goes from the bottom back tooth to one of the front one's....They are to help with the straightening of the teeth....They look just like tiny loom bands....They have to be taken off when eating and brushing which is quite annoying.....Becky had a complete hissy fit about this and wanted me to do it for her. I said no....Not to be nasty but she had to do it herself or how would she manage when she has her lunch at school....There was shouting from her and tears I remained calm and turned to YouTube for help....She picked up some tricks and now she is taking them on and off like a pro! Phew!

On Tuesday there was a book fair at the school....The had some wonderful books....Quite a few I have bought for Christmas which caused a problem....Ellie had set her heart on the Minecraft book: Stampy's Lovely Book which I have hidden away, a copy for her and one for Becky! I had to convince her not to get it which she was not happy about at all....What made the situation even worse was the fact they were all half price!! I could have saved myself a fortune!

Becky came in from school on Tuesday and said she hadn't had any lunch as her teeth were sore and there was no soft food....She said she had asked the canteen staff and they had told her to go away and went to see her head of year and was refused access to the upstairs where she was.....Obviously I was livid and emailed the school who were quick to reply and said they'd look into it....

On Wednesday morning Stu answered the phone and it turns out Becky had just looked in the canteen and didn't ask anyone about the food and her head of year was in the dining hall like she is every day....My girl blatantly lied to me and let me email the school complaining! It turns out if children get braces the school will do all they can to make their life easier including giving them things which is not on the menu but they couldn't do this for Becky because she didn't ask! I had words with her and she knows what she did is wrong....She has been banned from her tablet and laptop....Grr!  

Today is Black Friday as if you didn't know.....I am sick of hearing about it. I thought it was one day! Oh no it seems to have been going on the whole week.....I have been torturing myself. Seeing toys on sale....Toys which I bought for full price weeks ago which are now half price....I nearly bought a hoover the other day because there was 70% off....I don't need a new hoover the silly price just excited me....Then yesterday I thought I saw the bargain of the year! A Dyson for £15. Yeah it was a toy Doh!

Even with all that I haven't got that stressed and I am still smiling....I am really surprised at myself....I'm thinking it's the fact it's the run up to Christmas and nothing can dampen my mood!

The Reading Residence


  1. A challenging week indeed. Well done for keeping your cool!

  2. You have had one of those weeks! Glad YouTube came to the rescue, and enjoy those bargains!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Definitely one of those weeks, hope next week is better x #wotw

  4. Glad you are still smiling - it does sound like it has been a very challenging week. Hope that you have a nice relaxing weekend to make up for it and that next week will be a better one x

  5. Oh dear I hope next week is better. You tube is amazing for problem solving isn't it.

  6. Hi Kim, you have had a challenging week! The dreaded elastic bands! How you didn't get more stressed when you found out your daughter had blatantly lied to you, I don't know! At least you had the chance to talk to her about it and hopefully she doesn't do it again.

    I like to get my Christmas shopping done quite early (don't trust the post this end to get things here too quickly) and hate it when I see stuff I have bought being sold at reduced prices.

    Hope next week is less challenging for you.

  7. Sounds like a tough week! well done for keeping your cool.
    Hope you can make the most of a nice chilled Saturday night with a nice glass of vino or three ;) x

  8. Wow, you did really well to stay calm.under stress.
    I remember my sister having braces and bands and nowhere as really straight teeth :D #WOTW

  9. Yikes on the braces, I remember them vividly although I was older when I got mine - 17, they were so sore and brushing them was such a chore. But how naughty on the lying, well done you for keeping calm. I hope next week is better for you.