Saturday 20 August 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 33

This has been one of those weeks where I have really struggled with taking photos. Ellie has been poorly and we've all been tired. Taking photos was the last thing on my mind but somehow I have managed a photo everyday. Ellie is better now and things are getting back to normal. Hooray!

226/366 13th August.
A sweet moment from my girls....Becky trying to cheer up her poorly sister.

227/366 14th August.
Playing the Sims...Again!

228/366 15th August.
I can never eat just one Jaffa Cake!

229/366 16th August.
Stu's birthday....Yes it's Christmas wrapping paper. lol

230/366 17th August.
So much washing to put away. Ugh!

231/366 18th August.
After a week of being ill she was finally up and about!

232/366 19th August.
We were trying out the new HUE HD Pro camera! There will be a blog post soon.


  1. So glad Ellie is better now! It's horrible when they are ill in the holidays! That camera looks cool!

  2. So glad Ellie is better now. The new camera looks interesting.

  3. Glad Ellie is feeling better, I find it hard after weeks of the children being off school to be motivated to take picture, think I'm worn out .

    1. Thank you! Having the kids all day every day is such hard work...We're doing well this week though :D X

  4. we love jaffa cakes own this house and one packet does not last long does it? how sweet of Becky to cheer her sister up like that. i hate putting washing away takes me ages sometimes because i let the laundry basket get too full! x

    1. I say one packet lasts about 10 minutes. lol
      Becky is a great big sister...Now Ellie is better they're back to arguing though.