Wednesday 17 August 2016

Sunday Trifles!

A couple of weeks ago Stu decided to use a few of the Hartley jelly pots I reviewed to make a dessert.... He decided they were to be called Sunday trifles. He made them on a Sunday and put them in a Sundae glass....hehehe He thinks he's funny....

He started making them and had such a mess....I may have stressed a little...hehehe

They were so simple to make....

He tipped the jelly into the sundae glass....There was no faffing about waiting for it to set as the jelly pots are ready to eat.

He found a tin of custard....The last one in the back of the cupboard and shared it out in the 4 sundae glasses.

Then whipped some cream and added it to the top!

Lastly he had to sprinkle some chocolate on top!

Some of us ate our trifle in two sittings....Others choose to eat them until they were nearly sick. hehehe

They took minutes to make and they were such a treat. We will be having them again!

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  1. I do love trifle, I always spend ages making them though, this is such a quick and simple way! I bet Stu didn't make as much mess as I usually do though.