Wednesday 10 August 2016

I love my girls to bits but....

They do drive me crazy at times! Crazy as in sometimes I just want to shout shut up, stop it or walk away! I rarely do. I have a lot of patience but during the school holidays when I am with them 24/7 I am sometimes glad when they go to bed!!

They leave their stuff everywhere!
I am sick of tripping over and standing on their the junk, I means toys....I get up on a morning and the house is tidy then things start to creep downstairs out of their bedrooms. Just one thing at a time so I hardly notice.....By mid afternoon the house looks like a bomb has hit it...

Not Watching TV!
Ellie will come and ask to watch TV....I give her the remote and she gets comfy and watched something she want's to watch for about 3 minutes and then will then walk away and do something else. I get up, get the remote and turn the TV back over only for her to come running and say she was watching that....Grr!

The Bickering!
My girls will bicker over anything and everything! If I separate them they are suddenly the best of friends and I become the bad one because I am keeping them apart!

Slamming Doors!
They don't always mean to but sometimes they do....We have glass in the doors and they are going to get such a shock when one day they shatter! I say at least twice a day "stop slamming the doors"....

I don't know!
It is my girls favourite phrase....Who spilled the cereal? I don't know? Who is banging about upstairs? I don't know. Who left the tap running, flooding the bathroom? I don't know. I wish they would just tell me....It would make everyone's life much easier.

Their clothes!
I'm not bothered about the fact they leave dirty clothes laying about I am more annoyed that they dress better than I do.....Some of the clothes they wear, I look at them and think. Hmmf! I want that outfit!

They're Always eating!
They are having about 16 meals a day during the holidays....I can't fill them! I have had to tell them to step away from the fridge several times....They just stand there and snack!

They’re always there!
When I try to have a soak in the bath, on the toilet, talk on the phone and when I sleep! Ellie has started coming into my bedroom on a morning and puts her face about 2 inches from my and whispers "mam"....It scares me so much! She thinks it's hilarious!

The Attitude!
Eye rolling, stamping, huffing. They think they know everything! You would think I have two teenagers instead of just one....Sometimes Ellie my 8 year old has more of a teenage attitude than my actual teen!

Always wanting more!
I give them what they want within reason and then they want more or better....For example. I made them play dough last week. They played at making cakes and then wanted to make real cakes there and then! Why can't they be happy with what they have!

The funny thing is as much as they annoy me and drive me crazy, I wouldn't change them....I love them just the way they are....


  1. Sounds like a pretty solid overview! What's with kids and door slamming - it goes right through me :)

  2. Ha! Sounds so much like my two but definitely my 8yo esp with the earring and pre teen attitude!

  3. Hehe! I don't know about 'having this to come' with my two, I nodded to most of these for my 6 yr old! They keep us on our toes don't they lol. Hope your having a nice week hun xx

  4. Ahhh I could write this just talking about littler kids! Sometimes can be tough eh

  5. Can i be honest that I am feeling this way too lately! I feel that I need some me time just to get some breather from this holiday but sadly that wont happen. So I feel your pain! #pocolo

  6. Haha oh summer holiday time! It's so intense when you're off with them isn't it. I've got to keep my boy busy or he gets bored very easily. He'd love a sibling but sadly he's an only child so I have to have friends over for him quite a lot. Hope you guys have a lovely summer. Tor xx #PoCoLo

  7. Ha - it's reached that point in the summer holidays then :) I love the step away from the fridge part! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo :)

  8. I love this, its what all mums want to say :) xx

  9. Oh boy yes!! I agree with you, my boys are just the same! The "I don't know" winds me up so much! But like you say, they're wonderful just the way they are, even if they do drive us crazy!
    Thanks so much for linking to #pocolo (so sorry it took me so long to comment!) xx

  10. This made me smile! I think we all feel like this some of the time (or all of the time!). The noise and mess my kids make drives me crazy, but if they're not there I miss it and I'm actually bored without stuff to tidy!