Tuesday 2 August 2016

In July I loved...

I thought at the end of every month (I know, I'm late) I would do a little recap and tell you about the things I loved over the previous month.....

The summer holidays! 
We are just about two weeks into the school holidays already and we have been having a great time. Plenty of relaxing, playing Minecraft, crafting, baking, lie in's, late nights, films and fun! 

Ice cream and Ice Lollies.
We have ate so many over the last month!.....Fabs, Calippos, Magnums, Screwballs. You name it we've probably eaten it throughout July. 

I found some fab ice lollies in Iceland. Majestic Minis. Bubblegum flavour and Candyfloss flavour. They're only mini one's but I thought 10 for £2.00 was a bargain!

Big Brother! 
I loved the latest series....I wanted Hughie to win but I am happy Jason did....I did chuckle when reading about it on Twitter....Everyone saying it was a fix and they will never watch it again....lol Now the celebrity one has started. Hooray. Biggins has to win. He is a legend. 

In the last month I have worked with Haribo twice and they have sent us two amazing boxes of goodies as well as their sweets.....We chose to be team egg for the first box then the second box we went carnival crazy! 

Shopping for birthdays. 
It is Stu's birthday in a couple of weeks, Ellie's a couple of weeks later then Becky's a couple of weeks after her's. I have everything for Ellie's birthday, some of Becky's and none of Stu's presents. Eek. I need to get shopping! 

World of Warcraft. 
I have got back into playing World of Warcraft again....There are two sides to the game....Alliance and Horde and in all the years I have been playing I have only ever played Alliance....I decided to give the Horde side a go and it is so interesting to see things from the other side....All the different quests and areas....Hopefully I will have my new character maxed up to level 100 before the new expansion pack comes out at the end of August.

The Body Shop.
Well the Pinita Colada range from the Body Shop. I won it from a giveaway on a blog and I have been using it all month....The shower gel and the scrub are all gone and the body butter is nearly all gone too :(

The soaps. 
They have been so good!! Kylie's death in Corrie and Paul's in Eastenders. Hollyoaks is my favourite again this month....Something is always happening! I love that Warren has returned. I really want to hate him as he's a bad guy but I just can't and I just want Nico to die...lol She is pure evil. 

What have you loved over the last month? 


  1. I enjoyed big brother again this year but I have say, Hughie really annoyed me so I'm glad he didn't win!
    I'm still undecided about who I want to win CBB at the moment xx

  2. Ice lollys for the win! I totally forgot about screwballs. They were the best!

    Corinne x

  3. Looks like July was a great month for you. I used to play WoW many years ago, I remember sitting doing raids with my oldest in a baby sling sleeping. I was always Horde! My husband has just started playing again and is getting his characters ready for the expansion too x

  4. I'm loving CBB too although not so much Lewis and Marnie slobbering all over each other. Bleurgghhh

  5. What a great month you had, we have been giving the ice lollies a bashing too!
    I love Eastenders, good storyline at the mo. And we don't play minecraft, but it's all Mario Karts 8 here, I think me and Craig play it more though hehe! Enjoy the rest of your week hun xx

  6. Sounds like a great month :D I don't watch Big Brother or soap operas.. but Madam loves to play Minecraft :D

  7. Haribo and ice lollies I am with you on! Not got into BB this season though!