Wednesday 15 March 2017

Making choices about GCSE's...

A couple of weeks ago for my Word of the Week I mentioned about Becky my teenager choosing her GCSE options....I thought I would go into a bit more detail about it now we have all got our head around it....

There are eight core subjects which all students have to take. The include things like English language, literature, maths, P.E, chemistry, biology, R.E and ICT.

The way Becky's school works is there is three pathways. 

Blue - For those who wish to study triple science. We see this one as being for the really clever kids.
Red - Which Becky is on....It is the same as the blue pathway but without the focus on Science.
Yellow - For students who flourish with a more hands on approach to learning.

Becky was quite happy to be on the red path as it's where she wanted to be....She likes science but she isn't academic enough to take the triple sciences....

Becky thought long and hard about the GCSE's she would be taking. Over the past few weeks we have had plenty of chats and she has changed her mind a couple of times about a few but has finally settled....

In section one there was a choice of:
Art, Computer Science, Food prep and nutrition, French, Music, P.E and Spanish.

Becky chose French....She loves French and is really good at it. It is probably her strongest subject. Her teacher sung her praises at the parents evening earlier this month and has been saying since year 7 she should take it as a GCSE. He is very happy to have her in his class....

This section was a bit of a no brainer....She isn't arty or into music and is definitely not one for P.E. lol We spoke to her P.E teacher and she was telling us about how they had been playing rugby....Becky was supposed to tackle people and she was just waving as they ran As much as she loves computers she isn't interested in working with them and when it comes to food prep she has no interest....She likes eating but not cooking.....

In section two there was a choice of:
History, Geography, French and Spanish.

Becky had already chosen French and didn't fancy another language so it was between History and Geography. Both of her teachers said she was doing fantastic in both subjects and could choose either but from reading about the subjects and what she would be learning Becky went for Geography. 

She will be learning about natural hazards, rain forests, urban issues and the changing of the economical world....I think that is the right choice. For History she would have been learning about medicine in Britain, Spain and the new world and the USA 1945 - 1975. I don't think that would have interested her enough to get her working hard....When she isn't interested in something she doesn't try....

In section three there was a choice of:
Business, Design, Drama, Food prep and nutrition, Health and Social care and Sport.

Becky had decided months ago that she wanted to do Health and Social care....When she leaves education she wants to do something in this sector....It sounds interesting and Becky has a real interest in this subject. There is also a rumor that she will get to bring one of those electronic dolls home that you have to care for.....That will be fun! (not). lol I'm sure Ellie will help look after it.

In section four there was a choice of:
Art, Construction, Film studies, Hair & Beauty, Media, Music, Religious Studies and Statistics.

This was the section which had us scratching our heads....A few subjects were ruled out immediately. Construction and Hair & Beauty. We had a good giggle thinking about Becky studying Film studies was a possibility a few weeks ago but she decided she doesn't have enough interest in films to follow through. When it came to art and music she isn't confident or creative enough....She's not one for standing up in front of others and putting on a show.

It came down to Statistics and Religious Studies.....

Statistics was a new one to me....Becky hadn't heard of it either and it turns out it is new to the school. It helps students develop a knowledge and understanding of statistical thinking and practice how to use statistics in the real world. Becky's Maths teacher said she would do well in it but she had to be interested in numbers which Becky ummed and ahhed about.....

I was a bit dubious about Religious Studies but it turns out it is so different to the R.E which I did at school....Now it is all about crime and punishment, human rights, poverty, animal rights, abortion, discrimination, media and the world and terrorism....I want to do religious studies. lol When Becky found out what she would be studying she got very excited....It's things which interest her and I now think this will be her favourite subject. I know I will be asking about it a lot.

I think all the subjects which Becky has chosen tie in well together especially the Religious studies and Health and social care.....They will be great for her when she leaves education. We are happy with the choices and Becky is now very excited for Year 10 to start in September!


  1. It's great that she's come up with choices she's happy with. They all sound interesting and it's good to know they are subjects she will do well at. Good luck, Becky!
    My son wanted to do RE, it was right up his street as he's very interested in rights and wrongs, but they had to select four subjects and were given three of them. Sadly he didn't get RE and did get music, which he is failing miserably! Oh well.

    1. Thank you!
      Oh no! That's a shame your son didn't get RE. Eek! I hope he improves with music x

  2. Things have changed a lot since I was at school, but I guess it was a few years ago (35 eek!) I think Becky has made some fabulous choices and I wish her the very best in her last few, busy years at school xx

    1. They have since I was at school too! lol It's 21 years since I was at school.
      Thank you x