Wednesday 1 March 2017

Our Great North Museum: Hancock visit.

Last week when the kids were on their half term holidays from school we decided to have a day out at Newcastle and visit the Great North Museum: Hancock. It has been on our list of things to do for a while.

The Great North Museum: Hancock is a museum of natural history and ancient civilisations....There is so much to see and best of all it is free to enter but donations are welcome....It is only a five minute walk from Haymarket Metro and Bus station so it was so easy to get to. 

When we got into the museum we went into the living Planet gallery....It was pretty amazing to look at all the animals, fish and insects....Ellie walked around and was faced with the shark....She got quite a shock....hehehe

Also on the ground floor there was a replica model of Hadrian’s Wall which spanned the full length of the room and it was a big room.....

We also saw lots of fossils and animals and plants that were around millions of years ago....The T-Rex replica skeleton was pretty amazing to look at....It's legs were as tall as me.

We soon ventured upstairs which had displays about Ancient Egyptians.....The girls were very interested in this section....

Also upstairs was the Natural Northumbria displays which shows what is special about the North East of England’s animals and plants....I really liked this area as it seemed more interactive than the rest of the museum. There was buttons to press.....

What puzzled us was there was a snake....It looked real and I am sure it was moving....I heard a couple behind us questioning whether it was real too....I guess we'll never

While visiting we stopped for something to eat in one of the cafes....There is two. We found the smallest one and there were a few choices of sandwiches, cakes, crisps and coffee.....It was only when we were on our way out we found the larger cafe which smelled like it sold hot meals....

We spent about two and a half hours looking around.....It was busy with it being half term but not so busy that we couldn't get a good look at everything....

The busiest part of the museum was the toilets and locker area.....This was the only part I didn't like the lockers were straight in front of the ladies toilets and made it a rather cramped to get in and out of the toilets....The lockers did come in handy to drop the kids coats off on our way in....

It was a great museum to visit....The girls learned things and I did too....


  1. I have not visited here for years, I probably should again soon with the little two. It looks like you all had a great day out. I am terrified of that shark though xx

    1. It was our first time. We loved it.
      That shark is so scary. Thank you x

  2. It's such a nice place to visit - especially as it's FREE!

    1. It is...I was so surprised it was free to visit.

  3. I love the Hancock Museum, sorry Great North museum. Always such a lot to see and good events on

    1. hehehe! I always get confused what to call it.
      Thank you x