Tuesday 28 February 2017

What I loved in February....

February seems to have gone over in a flash. I know it's a short month but it really didn't last long at all.....

Lighter mornings and evenings.
It seems so much easier to get up on a morning when it is lighter and I feel so much better for Becky. During the darker days she was leaving for school when it was just getting light and getting home as it was getting dark....Ugh! It is a sure sign that spring is coming....

I obviously love my friends all of the time but this month, especially over the last couple of weeks some have really been there for me when I've had things going on. Online and friends in real life....I really don't know where I would be without them!

Trying new recipes.
At the beginning of the month I was sent a recipe box from the Co-Op and made Roasted Vegetable Couscous....

We had fun decorating cakes, I made Sloppy Joe's at the weekend and Ellie had some fun baking some World War 2 recipes for a school project that I have a blog posts about soon.

The Walking Dead.
At the end of January I realised that The Walking Dead was back on Sky Box Sets....I decided to rewatch it from the beginning hoping to get all caught up by the time it returned on the 13th from it's mid-season break.....I did well but only got as far as the 2nd episode of series 7. Watching it back reminded me of so many things and people I had forgotten about....Dale, Hershall, Merle and Carols daughter.....I still say Negan makes The Governor look like such a nice fella....

The Body Shop.
I was lucky enough to win some products from The Body Shop from Mummy Constant aand also a gift voucher at the beginning of the month....I spent the voucher last week when we were at Newcastle....I got quite a few things from the Satsuma range and the Mango gift box. They are fantastic and smell so good.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Ellie's school is joining together with other schools in the area and is putting on a performance of Joseph. She is in the choir and has been practicing the songs a lot.....I think I have seen the full showing of the play on YouTube about 30 times this month. lol and I have heard Ellie singing every song so many times....For the next couple of weekends they are having practices on a Saturday which Ellie is so looking forward to....

Half term.
It was lovely to have some family time....We watched films, did crafts, visited a museum, went shopping, watched more films and relaxed....

Smiggle's Amazing customer service.
You all probably know about the drama we had with Ellie my 9 year old having a little shopping spree with Smiggle. We had to return everything my girl had bought and their customer service people on the phones were brilliant. They were understanding, helpful and only laughed a little.

What did you love in February?


  1. I love the Body shop, it was my go-to shop as a teen and I had totally forgot all bout it until recently. I visited at xmas with my teen as she has sensitive skin and I thought we would try here and I fell in love with the scents again, love the satsuma range xx

  2. February has just flown by hasn't it?!
    Well done on your wins, I got some Body Shop products for Christmas. I'd forgotten how gorgeous they feel on my skin!