Thursday 9 February 2017

Pizza and me. A bit of a story. #NationalPizzaDay

I read somewhere that it is National Pizza Day today.....We all love pizza here. Given the chance my girls would probably eat it every For a long time I didn't eat pizza though....

When I was about 9 years old I started to suffer with really bad migraines.....At 9 years old it was no fun at all. Finally it was decided that cheese was the cause of this but that was only after me going without chocolate, nuts, caffeine which included coca-cola, bananas, citrus fruits and bread for weeks at a time.....

I did used to eat a lot of cheese....In sandwiches, grated, sprinkled on food and in food but no more than the rest of my family.....If I kept off the cheese the migraines stayed away. Phew!

For years I never bothered with pizza.....You can't buy one from a shop without cheese and we didn't really eat them at home. When I lived on the farm there was no takeaway near us so it really wasn't an issue.....

It was when I moved out of the family home I realised I was missing out....I finally found a pizza shop which would make a pizza without cheese and I loved it. I would have extra tomato sauce to make it less crispy.....As the years went by I only ever made pizza without cheese until one night....

I was at my friends house and we had a few drinks. It got to that point in the night where we were all hungry....My friend cooked a few pizzas and I was feeling brave after a glass or 4 of wine. I decided to have some pizza with cheese on.....Then I had another....I ended up being so drunk. I really do blame the cheese.....I didn't drink more than I usually do and the only difference was that I ate cheese.....It is a big joke with my friends that when I eat cheese I get drunk....It's all the cheeses fault! That night I bought tickets to see Bon Jovi in concert and I can't remember getting home.....Oops!

Since then I have come to realise it is Cheddar cheese that I am allergic too. So pizzas are safe for me as long as long as it is mozzarella cheese on. Now I am keen to have pizza at least once a week. I went without it for about 20 or so years, I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Now I always seem to go for a Hawaiian pizza or a meaty one but I am not too fussy. The only time I do get picky is when there is green things on my pizza. Rocket Leaves on a pizza are not welcome here.....hehehe

What is your favourite pizza topping?

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  1. I think my husband would happily live on Pizza. Urgh I suffer with migraines so can't imagine how it must have affected you having them at such a young age. I love a Hawaiian pizza too x