Friday 24 February 2017

A Rollercoaster of Emotions. #WotW

This week has had so many up's and downs....This post might get a bit long as so much seems to have gone on. I do apologise.

This week my Word of the Week is:

It really feels like I have been riding a roller-coaster this week and now I am ready to get off....It has been an emotional week....Bad and good. I am ready for a calm life again....

Last Friday there was an incident in the school yard with Ellie being bullied....It was supposed to be resolved and Ellie's teacher said that she or the head would ring me on Friday after school when the head was out of her meetings....There was no phone call. 

On Monday there was relief. We got the money back from Ellie's Smiggle shopping spree.....She still hasn't been allowed online on the computer or laptop but she seems fine with that....I think she has learned her lesson. We sure have.

On Tuesday evening I found out my mother was dead. I haven't seen my mother for about 13 years or spoken to her in at least 8.....Last time she spoke to me she told me I was dead to her....I found out just before Christmas that she had cancer.....I randomly checked online on Tuesday and saw her death notice on her local newspaper website....Not the nicest way to find. I guess her husband could have had the decency to let my brother and I know but so be it....

I blogged about what happened with my mother ages ago and that is only half the story there was a lot I didn't say....I stand by all the decisions I have made and I regret nothing....After everything she put my family and I through I felt nothing but relief when I read of her passing. I don't feel sadness but at the same time I don't feel glad she's dead either....I wouldn't wish that on anyone....A very lovely lady said "I hope it gives you peace and closure" when I shared the news on Facebook. It does. That was the word I was looking for. Closure!

I don't need sorry's or condolences. I said that on my Facebook status but a lot of people had some lovely words to say which made me feel fine about feeling nothing. I was actually feeling bad for a little time about feeling nothing. I am not heartless. I said my goodbyes years ago....

The kids have been on their half term holidays this week and Stu has been off work too....We have had a brilliant time. We have had plenty of time to relax, be together as a family and have a lot of fun. 

We had a fantastic trip to Newcastle on Wednesday which involved a visit to The Great North Museum. I of course have a blog post all about it next week....We had a great time.....After the museum we had a look around the shops and the girls were spoilt rotten....

We found the Disney Store in Eldon Square which must be quite new as it wasn't there last time we went to Newcastle. We spent a good half hour looking around making lists in our head of what we want to buy....Ellie want's everything, Becky wants all the cups and Stu want's all the Star Wars

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway and the prize was some Body Shop products and a £50 gift voucher. I spent it wisely on so much bath stuff.....hehehe The Satsuma range is amazing. 

Today we are doing Ellie's homework from school.....She has to bake a World War 2 recipe. Take photos, write the instructions, recipe and a review of them....This is right up my street. hehehe We are making oat cookies and a syrup loaf cake....

Even with the rubbish things that have gone on this week it doesn't feel like a bad week....There were bad things but I didn't let it ruin our moods. Half term has whizzed over and I can't believe in a couple of days we will be back to normality of school for the kids and work for Stu....


  1. wow, that is a roller coaster of a week, I'm glad there is a lot of happy in it though. We haven't been to Newcastle for a couple of years but it's a great place to visit.

  2. It definitely sounds like a rollercoaster, you must feel so drained. So much going on, pleased to read you've been having some lovely family time and that you now feel you have some closure. I hope you manage to get some answers at school next week x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. That is quite a week. I hope you get the bullying issue resolved, time to bang the table. I'm glad you got your money back from the little spending spree :) The museum sounds great.

  4. Oh bless you :( what a week. I'm glad half term was ok though! Popping over from #WotW

  5. Oh my goodness that is quite a rollercoaster of a week. I am pleased you feel like you have reached a point of closure now xx

  6. Rollercoaster is definitely the right word for your week - lots of emotional moments. Glad to hear that there have been good ones too though. Poor Ellie getting bullied - I hope that you manage to get things sorted out. How lovely to be able to treat yourself after winning the giveaway - Satsuma bath products sound amazing! Hope that things stay on a more even keel this week x #WotW