Friday 10 February 2017

A week of ups and downs. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is actually 3 words because I can't think of one to describe it....Sorry.

On Monday about 15 kids from Ellie's class went away on a school residential trip....Ellie didn't want to go when it was being organised. It turns out all the girls that she doesn't really get along with were going so I am quite glad. It left about 10 kids left in her class and she has loved this week. They have been doing more practical learning. They've baked twice, went and read with the reception class kids, done science experiments and had more attention from the teacher.

Ellie also brought home all the information about the performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that she is taking part in.....Her school and a few others are all joining together to put on a show. She is in the choir and they have been practicing for weeks. I had to sign the forms to agree to let her go to the Saturday rehearsals. I would never thought someone could be so excited for going to school on a Saturday. lol  

If your are a British Gas customer I urge you to sign up to their rewards programme with your Nectar card from Sainsbury's....This week I received a free canvas from Photobox for just being a British Gas customer. This is the 2nd one I have received in a year so it's worth the effort of just entering your Nectar card number on the website....

On Wednesday Becky had a bit of an accident....On her way home from school she fell off her scooter and instead of putting her hands out to save herself her face took the full force.....She text me to let me know she'd fallen and would be late...I rang her expecting there to be blood and tears but she was pretty calm. She got home while I was still on the phone and then cried. She had bust her lip, smashed her nose and scraped all her chin and nose....I put a bag of frozen something on (I can't remember what) and asked my friends on Facebook what I should do....I didn't want to go rushing off to the hospital in case it was nothing and I was being over dramatic.....

So we spent Wednesday evening in A&E.....I spent my time stressing that Becky was OK and hoping that Stu got the message I left on his work answering machine. He didn't have his phone or keys so he could have finished work, came home, find the doors locked and wonder where the hell we were....He got the message and went to my friends house so he could get in touch with me.....Phew!

Becky was fine. They can't tell if anything is broken until the swelling goes down. We just had to keep an eye on her and keep her topped up with painkillers which we did. Stu got to the hospital just as we were on our way Becky had the day of school yesterday and is fine in herself, just battered and bruised....Phew. I kept her busy doing revision on the schools website...hehehe

Yesterday I saw there was a sale on at Character dot com. I have used them in the past and their PJ's and t-shirts are fab and always cheap so a sale interested me....I got quite a bit for £30.30 including 7 sets of pj's for my youngest, 5 for my teen, a set for me & a t-shirt for Stu....Most of the pj's were only £1.95 which I thought was such a bargain price....

So it has been a bit of an up and down week....I hope over the weekend and next week there are more ups....


  1. Poor Becky I hope it's just swelling & not anything broken. You have got some fab bargains this week, I'm a BG customer and my card is linked I must check if I'm missing out on the offers.

  2. oh poor Becky, that does look bad. I hope it heals up well. Did she get black eyes as well? How exciting for Ellie taking part in Joseph and his Technicolour Deamcoat, one of my all time favourite memories of school was doing the same, I think I still know most of the songs :) Well done on your bargains too, I'm off to now for a peak.

  3. Oh Becky! Hope she is feeling better. Too right that she has the day at home afterwards. How exciting for Ellie being part of the choir and I'm glad she enjoyed her quiet week. I bet friendships were strengthened too. You really did have an up and down week. #wotw

  4. Oh, poor Becky, that looks painful. Glad she's on the up and I do hope there's nothing broken there. I do like the sound of just 10 kids in a class, sounds fun! Hope your weekend is more 'ups' x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Aw good week for Becky but not so good for Ellie. Her poor face. Hope she is feeling better now. I love fun PJs. Think I better check that site out. Have a lovely weekend xx #wotw

  6. Aww what a great week for Becky. Poor Ellie, her face looks sore. Hope it's easing now. And love the bargains x

  7. Well done to Ellie on being in the production! Poor Becky! hope she's okay and nothing broken. Congrats on the bargains!

  8. Oh no, poor Becky, that does look sore. I really hope she's ok and that nothing is broken.
    Oh I do like a bargain and PJs for under £2 is certainly a bargain - I may pop over and take a look!
    I hope Ellie enjoys her time in Joseph - I just love it's songs, I'm sure it'll be great to perform in!

  9. Oh poor Becky, her face does look sore. Hope that nothing is broken and that she is healing well. Glad that Ellie had a nice week at school and is enjoying being in Joseph. I remember playing one of the brothers when my school did it and I love every minute of taking part. Love - off to see if I can find any bargains now! #WotW