Wednesday 22 February 2017

Bargain Pyjamas....

We love our pyjamas here....I think I own more sets of PJ's than I do actual clothes....In the colder months as soon as my girls get in from school they change out of their uniforms and straight into their PJ's which means they go through at least 7 pairs each a week....

It's been ages since the girls got any new ones.....Well they did at Christmas but only a couple of sets. Most of Ellie's older ones were getting short on the leg and lots of Becky's were just looking old.....

I noticed an email a couple of weeks ago that had their winter sale on and there was bargains to be had....I knew this website had great prices as I got the girls Christmas Pj's a couple of years ago but I didn't expect the prices to be as low....

I got Ellie 7 sets including Bratz, Monster High, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Zootropolis and The Amazing World Of Gumball....They all cost £1.95. I got them in size 11 to 12 so there was room to grow into them and there is plenty of room....Hooray!

I got Becky 5 sets....There seemed to be less choice for older kids but she still did well.....She got sets featuring Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Marvel and Minnie Mouse......

The Spongebob and Minnie Mouse one's cost £2.95 which I think are still a fantastic bargain and the rest again cost £1.95....

These should keep the kids going for a while....They were very happy with everything I bought them and so far everything seems to be washing well.....

The kids weren't the only one's getting spoilt....I bought a new set of Pj's for myself and a t-shirt for Stu.

I have bought Stu t-shirts from this site before and he has always loved them. He is a big fan of the superheroes so this Batman one was perfect....It cost £1.95.

The Minnie Mouse Pj's for me only cost £2.95...I wish I had bought more as they were such a great price but I wasn't sure about the female sizes. I bought them in a size 18 to 20. I like them loose and to have room to move....They were accurately sized but the bottoms were rather long on me...I blame my short legs. lol

In total this shopping spree came to £30.30. I qualified for free delivery as I ordered over £25.....

I ordered around Thursday tea time and everything arrived via Royal mail on the Monday....

I love this website especially when they have a sale on....

I was not asked to write this....I payed for everything with my own money. I just wanted to share my bargain buys.


  1. Oh what amazing bargains! I will have to check this site out as my three love any kind of character type pjs xx

    1. It is a fab site. I have been using it for a couple of years and love it as much as my girls do. x

  2. Wow, that really is an amazing haul of PJs and at amazingly prices. I think you first introduced me to the website and it is fantastic. I've even used it to buy birthday presents for kids.

    1. It is fab isn't it. So many bargains to be had. x

  3. I remember you saying you'd got some bargains so I hopped on over there myself and got my three a pair each for a total of £11.95, that's how much I generally pay for one pair so I was well pleased, and they are great quality too. We went for 2 Adventure Time (Which is my favourite) and Skylanders for the Little Man. Thanks for telling me about the site!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love a bargin!

  5. Oh fab PJ's! I never knew about this website until you wrote about it a while back. I've had loads of bargains since :) xx