Thursday 9 February 2017

A lovely gift from Gifts Central...

When Becky was in nursery about 10 years ago I remember her bringing home a little plastic tub with a sunflower seed in it.....We watered it and it grew. We eventually planted it in the garden in our old house and it continued to grow. It was taller than Becky when we eventually moved out.....I do wonder if it's still there.....

When I was asked if I would like to review anything from Gifts Central I had a browse and there was a lot of lovely things....Quite a few things seemed perfect but I wanted something for both of my girls to share. I finally decided on the Sunflower Growing Kit.

Grow your very own giant sunflowers from seed. Watch and observe as your plant grows and record its progress. 

The kit comes in a very cute tin. When our sunflowers are planted it will be a tin I keep and use for something else...

It includes:

20 seeds
10 polythene pots and labels
A pencil
A tape measure
A notepad.

The sunflower kit comes with the clearest instructions I have ever read.....It guides you through growing your sunflower, not just planting it.....

Going by the instructions it is advised not to plant them until at least March so next month expect another blog post about us planting them.....I am really excited about growing these. Even the most inept gardener like me can manage sunflowers right?

This is a great kit....It costs £10.99 and it would be a fantastic gift for someone especially at this time of year with spring just around the corner....

We were sent the Sunflower Growing Kit in exchange for a blog post....All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is a lovely idea. I normally grow some with the boys each year.
    I've just been for a nosy on their site and I love their wooden jigsaws too, really colourful x