Saturday 4 February 2017

A photo everyday for a year! #Project365 - Week 5

 Hooray we are finally into February.....We have had a bit of a lazy week but it was just what we needed....

28/365 - 28th January
A lazy lunch....

29/365 - 29th January
I don't care that it is too early for Easter eggs....hehehe

30/365 - 30th January
I was lucky enough to win a selection of Body Shop products from Mummy Constant. I still have a £50 gift voucher to spend so I need to make time to go to Newcastle. 

31/365 - 31st January
I had my review of the Soreen lunchbox loaves going live and remembered I needed to take one more photo of them. It's a good job I was up early.

32/365 - 1st February
Multiplication cards which are a lot of fun!

33/365 - 2nd February
Ellie came home from school with Zoella's latest book.....She spent the evening teasing Becky with it who is desperate to read it....

34/365 - 3rd February
Maths homework for Ellie my 9 year old....I looked at it and thought "what the...." We finally figured out how to do it! lol


  1. Congratulations on your win! It's great that you've still got more to spend too! Had to laugh at Ellie teasing Becky with the book. Siblings are great, aren't they?
    I have no idea what's going on when my boys show me their maths! Luckily they both understand it really well. And if my daughter is stuck, I just pass her on to a brother!

  2. Lazy days and lazy weeks are just the tonic to set off and start refreshed

  3. Ooh well done on your win. I quite like Body shop and could spend ages in there. Love that you're already enjoying Easter eggs. I usually for a nice mug one!

  4. Glad you worked out the homework.
    A great win, hope you treat yourself to something nice.
    Love soreen malt loaf but feel the small ones while handy for the kids are a dear way to buy them.