Tuesday 7 March 2017

Making World War 2 Biscuits.

Since September at school Ellie has been learning about World War 2.....She loves doing topics at school and this one has really interested her.

Instead of getting the normal weekly homework she was given a project to do at home. She had to either make a model of an Anderson Shelter, a tank or make a World War 2 recipe.....We decided to go with that option.

We did our research and found a couple of recipes she would like to make....Over half term we went shopping for the ingredients and last weekend we got baking.

We decided to make a oaty biscuit/cookie recipe.

We needed:

5 oz plain (all purpose) flour
4 oz porridge oats
2 oz sugar
1 tsp baking powder
2 oz lard
2 oz dairy free margarine
2 oz golden syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

We cheated a bit when it came to the dairy free margarine. We just used Stork and we forgot about the Baking powder. Oops.

To make them:

Cream the lard, marg, sugar, vanilla and syrup together until creamy....Add the dry ingredients and mix until it turns into a dough....Roll it out and cut into cookies to about 1 cm thickness. Bake at 170 c for about 15 to 20 minutes or until golden. Transfer to a wire rack to cool then store in a airtight container or tin.

Ellie channeled her inner Gordon Ramsay (minus the swearing) and got a little bossy and controlling in the kitchen. She wanted to do everything herself and I let her.....

 Do not do what we did and forget to add the golden syrup....I should have realised something was wrong when the dough wasn't sticking together properly....Oops. We got as far as cutting 3 cookies before we realised....lol We just rolled it back up covered the dough in golden syrup and squished it all back together....

We also came to realise that we don't have any round cookie cutters.....We had to use a little cup. We have rabbit shapes, square, stars and even a Wookie shape cutter from when we made Wookie Cookies last year....lol

It really didn't matter....The biscuits turned out really well. They looked good and tasted amazing too!

Now Ellie has to write up about what she did....She wants to edit the photos herself and I am show her how to....Hopefully by the time you are reading this Ellie has done all the written work and it has been handed in to her teacher in a fancy folder I have bought.....hehehe


  1. Caitlin is doing this as her term topic too. We might give these a go. She's just doing rationing now so I've explained Mr Kipling didn't really offer many cakes in 1940!

    1. We have found this topic so interesting...My girl is doing about rationing this week. x

  2. Kaycee loved having topic work over the term rather than homework every week. She always put loads more effort into the topic work than she did weekly homework!

    1. It is so much more fun than normal homework...
      My girl hates homework so getting her to do this project has been brilliant x

  3. I remember doing this when I was at school, we made Pease Pudding and it was disgusting. Ellies biscuits look fantastic, golden syrup makes everything taste good! x

    1. Ahh! I love Pease Pudding but I always buy it. I've never tried making it.
      Thank you x