Tuesday 21 March 2017

Ten Ways I Am Rocking Motherhood!

The lovely Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love tagged me in the Why I’m Rocking Motherhood tag way back in January....I am so late with this tag.

I often feel like I am not doing a good enough job at this parenting lark.....Then I look at my kids and think hang on. I am a good mother.....

Rocking Motherhood is a fabulous tag created by Pat at White Camellias. It’s all about finding and sharing ten ways in which we have this crazy journey called parenthood nailed and kicking mummy guilt well and truly up the backside.

#1. I am cool!

I can dab. I can bottle flip. I know how to use Snapchat. I think I am doing well at keeping up with the latest teenage trends....My teen thinks I am so cool when she comes home talking about the latest "in thing" and I know all about it.....I bluff my way through it mostly. It's a good job I watch all the cool kids on YouTube or I wouldn't have a clue. lol

#2. I help with homework even when I don't understand it.

Yes my girls homework usually baffles me.....I would like to say it is Becky's my teen's homework that confuses me but no it's Ellie's my 9 year old's.....She brings home maths homework every Friday. I can work out the answer but she has to show the working out and they do it differently to what I was taught.....

#3. My girls love Music.

I have brought my girls to love all types of music.....They love all styles of music. Ellie is a huge fan of musicals, Irish folk music and Katy Perry and Becky loves a bit of Queen, Ed Sheeran and Kylie! I honestly think Ellie knows more songs than I did when I was her age....

#4. I have open chats with my girls.

My girls and I can talk about anything and we do.....Becky my teen came home from school last week and was talking about homosexuality....We had a good chat about that. Nothing is out of bounds. When the kids want to know something I do my best to answer them honestly.

#5. I make my girls help around the house.

It may seem mean that my girls have chores to do but as I child I didn't. I had my mother do everything for me and I feel like she shouldn't have.....My girls are learning life skills. They are learning to wash dishes, tidy their rooms, use the washing machine, cook and look after themselves....

#6. I spoil them.

It may not seem like a good thing but I don't do it all the time.....My girls don't get random toys and gifts throughout the year but when it comes to their birthday's and Christmas they do. I go all out and buy them as much as I can and so much of what they have asked for. That does not include an iPhone for my teen though. We will not be going over to the darkside. hehehe

#7. I mop up after them when they are sick.

I have a huge aversion to vomit. Most people do but when I see my girls vomit I vomit too....I gag when I see them being sick and in the past they have been brilliant and used the sick bowl and I have been the one who has vomited on the floor just so I can stay with them.....

#8 I do messy play.

I do crafts, baking, painting and things which involve a mess because I know my girls will love it and I know it's good for them.....I grin and bear it. I hate mess. When the normal amount of mess is created Ellie will go and and create even more mess. Grr! 

#9 I will fight for my girls.

We have had issues with bullying, school and other things.....I will never stop fighting for my girls. I will always be in their corner. I will go crazy mama bear on you if anyone messes with them.

#10. I love them.

I will love my girls no matter what.....I may not like them all of the time like when they are being naughty but I will never stop loving them.

How are you rocking motherhood?


  1. You most certainly are. Your girls are very lucky to have such a great mummy as you. You do indeed rock xx

  2. I agree, you are totally rocking motherhood! Because you are a lovely person and a totally awesome Mum :) x