Friday 3 March 2017

This week has all been about school. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week seems to have all revolved around school....

Over the weekend Ellie and I had an afternoon of baking. She had a school project to do of making a World War 2 recipe. We made Oat biscuits and a Syrup loaf.....Making the biscuits was nearly a disaster....We got as far as rolling out the mix when we realised we forgot to add the Golden syrup....We rolled it back up added some syrup and they actually turned out

On Monday we visited Ellie's school to speak to the head teacher about the bullying incident which happened before the half term holidays.....The head was apologetic and had spoken to the bully the morning of her shouting at Ellie and it was sorted....She apologised for not informing the class teacher and assured us she would if anything happened again....So all the worrying I did was for nothing! 

On Tuesday Stu and I were in Ellie's school office asking about the tickets for the school play and Ellie had stayed outside to talk to her friend.....We came outside to see my friend saying to Ellie come with me....A boy had been nasty to Ellie and my friend had heard it....Ugh! We spoke to the head and she said she would have words which she did....I went to pick Ellie up and the class teacher knew all about the incident this time.....Phew! It has been decided to give Ellie a break she can go into the library on a morning just to avoid the nasty children for a while....The two incidents are unrelated and Ellie is just being targeted....Who knows why? Kids can be cruel. I am annoyed that Ellie is being isolated. Why can't kids just be nice but the school have been dealing with it brilliantly this week!

On Wednesday we were up at Becky's school for Parents evening/GCSE Options night. We had done our research and Becky had worked out what she wanted to do. Psychology, French, Health and Social care and ICT. Brilliant.....We go to school opened the envelope and read all about the options....It turns out they have changed everything this year. Removed some subjects (Psychology) made ICT compulsory for everyone and jiggled things about.....

We had to have a rethink.....We spoke to the majority of Becky's teachers and they helped a great deal when it came to Becky making her choices....She is now going to be studying French, Geography, Health and Social care and Religious Studies for her GCSE's as well as all the core subjects like maths, english, science, etc.

She still isn't too convinced about Religious Studies but the majority of the other subjects in that section were not right for her. Music, Construction, Hair and Beauty, Film Studies and a new one to me Statistics which is all about maths....She likes maths and is OK at it but we were told it is a tough course. We have another meeting in a couple of weeks so we can discuss it further.....

Thursday was of course World Book Day....Becky's school is too cool to dress up but Ellie of course did. She was Where's Wally?! She wore the same last year but it still fitted and she absolutely loves the costume....hehehe


  1. I'm glad the school are dealing with the bullying but I would be annoyed at Ellie being isolated too, surely it should be the other way round? Isolate the kids who are bullying for a while, let them know it won't be tolerated. Glad the rest of the week was better, the biscuits look delicious.

  2. Definitely all about school for you this week. Sounds like they are on top of the bullying, but you're right, why can't the kids just be nice in the first place. Must be so hard for Ellie, as well as you wanting to protect her. I took RS GCSE and 'A' level and it makes up part of my degree - I loved it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. I'm sorry Ellie is having to go through this, it should be the nasty kids being isolated not her. What a shame they have changed the subjects Becky wanted, GCSE's are a minefield. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

  4. oh poor Ellie, it is sad that Children can be so cruel, and it does seem like she's the one being punished by being isolated. At least she will feel safe and happy for a while until they get this sorted. I'm sorry about Becky's options too, what a blow not to be able to do the subjects you want to do. The biscuits look lovely though, I've often forgotten an ingredient while making biscuits and had to mix it up again.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Shame they didn't tell you before that the options had changed. It took my Teen so long to decide that it would be awful to start all over again. Hopefully the teachers will help her decide. I'm always forgetting ingredients. Your oat biscuits found yum and I don't think I've ever tried syrup loaf. Sorry to hear Ellie is having a tough time with some of the children. #wotw

  6. I guess it's hard for schools. They are trying to strike the balance of academic subjects and more practical ones. My school wouldn't have had half of those options for GCSEs. I hope she enjoys the options selected.

  7. I love Ellie's Where's Wally costume. So sorry to hear that she is still on the receiving end of nastiness but glad to hear that the school are taking action about it. So difficult choosing GCSEs - especially when the things you want are in the same sections. Good luck to Becky with making her final choices. #WotW

  8. Wow, a very eventful week with school. So sorry to hear about Ellie and the nasty kids. It's a shame that Ellie has to be isolated when she's not the one in the wrong. It's annoying that the school changed the GCSEs, but it sounds like Becky has a good selection there.

  9. It's great to read that the school is so supportive. #WotW