Thursday 29 June 2017

10 things my kids argue about!

My girls argue a lot....They will argue about anything and everything....Even stupid things like who gets to walk through a door first or who get's their tea first....Eesh! 

1. One of them is looking at the other.....
I hear "mam, she's looking at me" at least once a day. So what you are bound to look at each other at some point.....In fact to see she was looking at you, you must have been looking at her.....

2. Knickers and socks.
Even though there is 5 years between my girls they still fit into some of the same clothes....Knickers and socks cause the biggest arguments.....I buy them separate colours so they know who's is who but it doesn't stop them stealing each others....I have seen them putting their shoes on when one notices that the other has her socks on....They can't just let them wear them though...They have to be removed. 

3. Sweets.
And who has the most....I still have to count them out and share them like I did when they were small children. It has it's advantages. If there is an odd one I get it. lol

4. The TV volume.
My girls will watch TV when they go to bed in their own separate rooms.....One will turn the TV up and the other will turn theirs up to to drown out the sound of the other one's.....It gets to the point where I can hear it downstairs. I will shout upstairs to them and they of course argue about who has it the loudest and they can't hear....It usually ends with both of the TV's being switched off....

5. Scooters in the cupboard.
The girls both scooter to school and for convenience we keep the scooters in the cupboard under the stairs but one will always put their scooter on top of the others and they have arguments galore about new scratches or marks appearing on their scooter. I have given them the option of putting them in the shed where there is more room but that would be just too much effort.

6. Computer time.
We limit Becky's time on electronics because if we didn't she would stay on her tablet/laptop all day.....Ellie will spend 5 minutes on her tablet then go off and do something else. If Becky has 3 hours a day on her's I can guarantee that Ellie hasn't had half of that time but when Becky has used her time up she gets narky with Ellie which of course causes an argument. Becky will hover around Ellie on the laptop or question what she is doing....

7. Washing the dishes.
One washes and one dries....They argue about who's turn it is to do which and then they can't do it at the same time or else they will argue in the kitchen....

8. Putting toys away.
They will both play with toys but when it comes to tidying up they will only put away what they physically got out regardless of whether they played with it or not. Arguments will always happen when it comes to tidy up time....

9. Hairbrushes.
I bought the girls each a hairbrush because I was sick of them arguing over using the same one....It wasn't that they were using it at the same time it was the fact that they don't want to catch nits from each other....They rarely have nits but one did once and passed them to the other...

10. The X-Box.
We have the X-Box downstairs and they will both happily play Minecraft until one of them does something the other didn't want and all hell breaks loose....In the few years that we have had the X-Box I'm sure they have spent more time banned off it from arguing than being allowed on it. lol

I know it's normal for siblings to argue and fight.....I remember I used to with my My girls do argue but they're not too bad. Over the years of parenting I have learned how to stop the arguments before they get too big....


  1. My girls are only 2 & 4 and they argue about half of these already! Oh what a glorious future to look forward too!! #PoCoLo

  2. What a great post! I am the youngest child of six. Can you imagine how many arguments my poor parents heard? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures #pocolo

    1. Oh my goodness! Your poor parents. They deserve a medal. x

  3. Oh yes anything that the other person is doing (good or bad) there is a argument X #pocolo

    1. It is ridiculous what they will argue about. lol x

  4. mine still squabble now, but now they are adults hubby joins in when it comes to whose socks and underwear belong to each person #pocolo

    1. hehehe! My teen and I argue over socks now.

  5. Mine are 17 and 6. You would think they wouldn't have much to argue about, but somehow they seem to find plenty. when they can't, it seems like they start a fight with the dog! #bestandworst

  6. Oh my I have all this to come don't I?!#bestandworst

  7. I can definitely relate to some of these xx

  8. Ah the joys of parenting eh? My boys are just the same!
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo