Wednesday 21 June 2017

Stand Up To Bullying!

Today is Stand Up To Bullying Day....I think in one way or another most people have been bullied in their life....It's a sad, sad shame that bullying still happens especially with what is going on in our world today....

I was bullied all the way through school....For being too quiet, for not having the right trainers, for not shaving my legs enough one day for P.E, for living on a farm, for not living in the right area, for having my dad drop me off at school, for having free school meals, for not being a fast runner.....I could go on. Lots of the reasons I was bullied looking back on now were ridiculous but if someone is out to bully you they will pick on the smallest thing and make it more than it is!

It was never violent....It was name calling, excluding me, and threats being made....It could have been worse but it has still affected me in life. I think I am shy and lack confidence because of the bullies....

As an adult I have been bullied by people in the school playground....The looks, the sly comments. I just let it wash over me and think to myself that I am just there to drop off and pick up my girls....

Both of my girls have been bullied in the past.....

Becky was bullied for a long time by one certain girl in her class.....On and off from nursery until about Year 6. The girl just took a dislike to Becky.....There was name calling and kicking under the table. The teachers would keep stopping it but the girl was relentless. I think the only reason it stopped was because they went up to secondary school and they were separated. I am not blaming the primary school. The girl was just a nasty piece of work....

We still had a few issues to start with at the secondary school but they were soon stopped when the police became involved because things were happening outside of school.....Some forms of bullying are illegal: serious physical violence or assault, theft, repeated harassment or intimidation e.g. threats, abusive phone calls or messages, or hate crime.

I have blogged about Ellie being bullied.....She was bullied by one girl off and on for a few years....Then another group of girls in her class. I did another post updating saying how everything was great....Ellie is now best friends with the person who was the main bully! I do believe now it is a genuine friendship.....There was a few issues with Ellie verging on being a bully.....I was so ashamed of her. I think she had just got a little cocksure of herself. She seems to have went back to being nice and friendly with everyone.....I did have serious words with her though.

With both of my girls I was very pro-active in getting the bullying stopped as soon as I could. Thankfully the schools were brilliant. 

There has been times walking home from school with Ellie where I have caught kids being nasty and bullying someone....I have had words with them. I have then the next day gone in to see a teacher and reported the events...I will not stand by and watch someone being bullied....

According to Channel Mum the top ten reasons children are bullied are:

Being clever – 19 per cent
Not being cool – 13 per cent
Being overweight – 10 per cent
Not being pretty / attractive – 9 per cent
Not being sporty – 9 per cent
Being pretty / attractive – 8 per cent
Hair colour  - 5 per cent  
Family being tight for money – 5 per cent
Race / religion – 5 per cent
Being skinny – 3 per cent

It seems like kids can't win.....If they are overweight they're bullied but if they're skinny they are bullied too....We tell kids to try hard at school but if they are too clever they could get bullied....Eesh! Children can be so cruel.

Have you been bullied in the past or have your children?

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  1. Good for you for standing up to bullying Kim. It is such a horrible thing to be on the receiving end of. I was bullied at school because I lived on a council estate. I ended up changing schools because of it and got on much better at my second secondary school. A few years later I got chatted up by one of the bullies at a club - he didn't recognise me at all. I have to confess, I couldn't resist leading him on a bit and then reminding him of who I was. His face was a picture. It was so satisfying to be able to walk away with my head held high and I think it helped give me some of my confidence back too! Glad to hear that Becky and Ellie are no longer on the receiving end of the bullies x