Friday 30 June 2017

We have had a wet week. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I don't know about the rest of the country but since Monday up here in Ashington in the North East we seem to have had nothing but rain!

Last week I had the trouble with the washing machine and not being able to wash clothes, this week I have struggled to dry them. We don't have a tumble dryer. Well we do but it's one of the faulty one's and it's sat in the shed so I have been putting everything on the clothes dryers inside. Ugh! 

Over the weekend it wasn't wet....Saturday was quite chilly but on Sunday it was glorious! We had a fantastic day out at the local street fair....My highlight was watching the girls on one of the inflatable rides. Becky couldn't get the hang of jumping over the bar and Ellie couldn't get the hang of ducking. lol

Becky woke up on Monday morning with a sore head and not feeling well....I sent her to school thinking with a bit of fresh air and being busy would make her feel better.....It didn't. By lunchtime she was home after being sick. It turns out there was several children sent home. The teacher thought it was a bug....I am putting it down to being at the fair all day, in the sunshine and having too many sweet things. Candyfloss, sweets & slushies....

On Tuesday I seemed to be in and out all day.....In the rain! I'd just dry off and have to go back out. It was Ellie's class assembly at school and it was all about what they had been doing in drama. It was a lot of fun and all the children did so well...Ellie also had a check up at the dentist. Last time we went she hadn't been brushing as well as she should have been so the dentist had her back early.....This time he was very impressed! Phew! She has also grown 5 teeth in 3 The dentist was quite amazed. 

Yesterday was the wettest day of the week.....Ellie was supposed to be going on a school trip to the beach. Her teacher was adamant earlier in the week that they were still going even if it was raining. Waterproofs and wellies were to be worn. I rang the school yesterday morning all ready for an argument....If the school trip was on I wasn't going to send Ellie to school....The head teacher answered the phone and said it was cancelled! Phew! They could still go in non-uniform and take their packed lunches which made Ellie very happy! She does love a packed lunch.....

For all I care it can rain all weekend....hehehe We have no plans at all and after a couple of Sundays out I am looking forward to a lazy, pj day!


  1. That video actually made me laugh out loud!! It's a shame the beach trip had to be cancelled because of the rain, but I'm glad it was. I remember going on a beach trip with Boo's school in the rain and it was the most dismal day ever. I ended up spending two hours with Boo in a cafe with a colouring book to keep her occupied, she really wasn't feeling well and I wasn't prepared to let her get wet. The next day she was diagnosed with pneumonia! Sorry Becky was ill but glad she got over it quick. And well done Ellie at the dentist. x

  2. Massive turnout with the weather, it has been wet here in the Midlands too! I can't beat a lazy day, I am looking forward to next week when I can chill out, it can get all exhausting with life getting in the way X #wotw

  3. It's felt like Autumn with all the rain hasn't it. Well done to Ellie for brushing her teeth better, I find a fancy toothbrush helps. #WotW

  4. I loved the sun last week, and now is has gone! Like you, it's been annoying me with the washing, too. Hope you have a lovely lazy pj weekend then x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. The weather has been horrible hasn't it. Most annoying that you can't get washing dry, I have a tumble dryer but you can't put everything in it! Hope summer comes back soon LOL!

  6. It has been wet. I am so glad we got some photos done this week on Monday before the rain came!

  7. Yes! So flipping wet and considering just how warm last week was too it feels practically polar! Popping over from #WotW

  8. I think we've been in much need of some rain. We don't have a drier either but we've never bought one. #WotW

  9. Your little video is quite funny, it did make me giggle!!
    It's been the opposite here, quite dry. We could do with some rain as it's quite dry and the edges of the garden has gone all brown and scorched!!
    Hope you enjoyed your quiet weekend in

  10. What a shame that Ellie's school trip was cancelled because of the rain. Glad she enjoyed having packed lunch and a non-uniform day though. Hope Becky is feeling better and that this week has been a drier one so far x #WotW