Thursday 22 June 2017

I'm now a trendy mam....

Over the past few weeks I have been buying myself some new clothes....Both my girls have said I look trendy and so cool....Yay! I feel like I am winning at life....

It all started a few weeks ago....I was in dire need of some new trainers....The one's I had were about 8 years old. I treated myself and bought some fancy Nike T Lite XI Ladies Trainers for £28.00 from Sports Direct.....

While I was on there I decided I needed a thin coat or a hoodie to wear on the school run for those days where it's warm and dry but not warm enough to just wear a t-shirt. I came across the Puma No1 Logo Hoody for £14. The size 18 that I got fits well but I would have liked it baggier... 

Then I started to get a bit carried away.....I saw some jeggings which were only £4.99. I'm not usually one to wear leggings or jeggings but I thought I'd give them a try. I also got a couple of Miso Long Line Yarn Dye Boyfriend T Shirts. One in grey and black and one in white and black. I couldn't just get one because they were offer. Two for £9.00. They are so comfy and just the right length.

I was very happy with my purchases....So much so that last week when my ballet pump shoes got a hole in the first place I thought of looking was Sports Direct....

I only went on for a cheap pair of shoes....I got those. I actually bought two pairs. lol Some Miss Fiori Canvas Mary Jane Ladies Shoes for £3.50 and some Slazenger Canvas Ladies Slip Ons for £4.00....These actually look so much better in real life compared to online. They are so comfy too!

While I was on there I thought I might as well have look to see if they had any more Miso tops....I have never heard of the brand before I bought the first two tops and I liked them so much....I found the Miso Printed Boyfriend T Shirts. One in grey the other in white and they had unicorns on which has annoyed Ellie These were two for £8.00. 

I also bought another pair of jeggings....The same brand, just a different colour. I was over wearing the first pair and I don't want to be known as that person who never changes her Jeans are the thing of the past for me now. hehehe

My teen has already eyeing up my new clothes.....She said I could wash the hoodie and shrink it and then she could have it....Hmm! I don't think so. lol


  1. Hi Kim, and why not? Us Mums often neglect our own clothing needs in favour of the children, but as you have proved you don't need to spend a fortune to look good. I love your Baby Jane shoes! I have lost quite a few of my clothes to my daughter, my most recent being my favourite light jacket. In her opinion she hasn't actually stolen it as it still lives in my cupboard!

    Thank you for linking up with the #mmbc.


    1. I know I do neglect myself. The kids always come first.
      hehehe! Eesh! It is terrible when kids borrow our clothes.

  2. Ach I bet you look gorgeous! And now I want to go shopping!

  3. love it, I was flattered today by a shop assistant with crazy hair dyed hair who said she loved my natural grey look and asked which products I used, I told it was just natural, to which she responded it was very in right now #pocolo

    1. How wonderful. Grey hair is very in at the moment. I should just stop dying mine. hehehe

  4. I like those Mary Jane shoes a lot. I could do with a bit of trendifying... Good choices!

  5. I love sports direct! I think I have eyed up most of your purchases too lol. I do love the jacket and may have to get myself something similar..... #pocolo

  6. Great choices Kim. I love comfy clothes, especially ones that look good too. :)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo xx