Wednesday 28 June 2017

Fun at the fair & Lunch out....

Sunday is usually our lazy day but last Sunday we were out and about and Sunday just gone we were too.....Ashington Fayre was on and it's always a good day out. 

The sun was shining and we walked to the other end of town.....We heard the fair before we saw it. Of course the girls wanted to go on everything!

We were walking around and there was people handing out leaflets....I took one which was for a restaurant that we had never tried before. La Cucina Family Restaurant with a 10% off voucher. They had Sunday lunches on the menu so we decided to give it a try. £8.95 was not too bad for two courses.....

The garlic butter for the bread was amazing....I could have eaten much more. hehehe Stu decided to get the two courses. Potato skins for starters and a roast dinner, Becky had a margherita pizza, Ellie had chicken nuggets and chips and I just had the chicken dinner...

They brought Stu's starters and the kids meals but decided to leave me to wait until Stu was ready for his main course....Grr! The food was so fresh and the chicken nuggets were real chicken and not processed! It made a nice change....When my food did arrived it looked amazing! The Yorkshire pudding was huge and freshly made....The kids loved their meal but Stu and I were not overly impressed....It was chicken on the bone which we weren't keen on and there was plenty of greens but not enough potato or turnip. The waitress telling us not to put salt on the food because it had already been seasoned got my goat and when she offered mint sauce and didn't give me the option of putting my own on left me feeling a bit meh about the place which is a shame because the staff were mostly amazing and the prices were great.....

With our bellies full we decided to go back to the fair for some more rides and of course get some candyfloss, slushies and sweets.....

We passed on the Hook a Duck stall....I can't believe the price they charge now. £3 for toys that I know you can get from the Pound Shops. Eesh!

We had another great Sunday....Next week I am planning on a quiet one though. I'm thinking a lie in, pj's and not leaving the house. hehehe


  1. Oh the yorkshires look lush! You spend a fortune at fairs these days don't you x

  2. It's the same here for hook a duck, plus you can pay extra for extra ducks which gets you more points for the bigger prizes, but it's still all cheapie stuff - I always feel mean saying no but it's totally OTT. The food likes nice but I'm with you - how strange that they put the salt and mint sauce on for you ! The fair looks great though and there are big smiles on the kids' faces, which is the main thing ! :)

  3. Ahh looks like fun! Shame about parts of the meal though. Cheeky telling you not to put salt on!! Omg the hook a duck prices these days, at paultons park it was £4 a £8 for two of them, and then once you'd had a go and won a crappy little tiny thing the guy says TO THE KIDS "if you have another go you can get a much better teddy!"...oh yeah great, so I've just paid nearly £20 for two crappy teddies! xx

  4. It looks like you and your family had a great day out! It's a bummer when the food doesn't turn out as good as you thought it might be, but the yorkshire looks amazing though! Its great that you went back for more rides and more snacks! Fair ground sweeties are the best! #bestandworst

  5. Oh I love the fair! Shame the food was not so good, as it was a reasonable price.
    I think you're right about the stalls, the prices are through the roof to have a go at winning something that's only worth a fraction of what you spend. Glad the girls really enjoyed it though :) x