Saturday 2 March 2013

All about goats!!

During the week I saw this tweet from Phillip Schofield....

Which led to this!!

I'm not going to admit how long I spent it on YouTube looking at Goat videos!!

I made the mistake of showing Becky some of them when she came home from school.....Her and Ellie spent the next hour looking at them on YouTube.....Which resulted in them both doing impressions of screaming goats! (is that the name of the sound a goat makes?)...Very loudly may I add!!.....The end result was me bent over laughing nearly weeing I can't hear a song without thinking of goat noises and every time I think about goats I giggle...

Wrong! So wrong!!

But we've found our favourite!! This is it!!

Becky said because it has the One Direction boys in it....Ellie because the goats in this one are the best....I think I agree with Ellie....The goats are definitely the best singers in the clip....hehehe 

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