Thursday 14 March 2013

Too Posh To Push?!

We've all heard the phrase that a mum is 'Too posh to push' but Kirstie Allsopp has called the label 'unfair' and says the obsession with natural birth can cause mums 'huge distress'

Kirstie Allsopp says...

“The current obsession with how a baby is born and fed can lead to huge distress on the part of women who feel that they have failed to give birth “naturally” or are unable to breastfeed.

Nationally, 25 per cent of babies are now born by caesarean, up from nine per cent in 1980. Partly this can be explained by more older mother giving birth and more obese mothers  both which increase the chance of needing a caesarean. NHS statistics show the proportion of planned caesareans has actually dropped slightly since 1980, from 44 to 40 per cent.

I have had two caesareans....I am not too posh to push!! Even though I've been told I was with Ellie by certain people...I didn't feel like a failure either because I didn't have a natural birth...

With Becky two days before my due date my midwife discovered she was breech (head up instead of down) so they decided it was for the best to have a caesarean and with Ellie all the way through my pregnancy I was told Ohh yes she's breech you'll need a caesarean.....Until I went for the final check up at 37 weeks and they decided to do one last scan...She was the right way up for a normal delivery....They said then I had the option to have a normal delivery but as I'd mentally prepared myself for another caesarean there was no pressure so another caesarean it was....

Having a caesarean is NOT the easy option!!!

With Ellie they took over an hour to get the needle into my spine to numb me up!!

While on the operating table the spinal wore off just after Ellie was born and I could feel them closing me back up!! Not nice!!!

The after affects of the spinal meant I shook so much I couldn't hold Ellie until about two hours after she was born...

Now 5 and a half years later my lower stomach still has areas on it which have no feeling and my back causes me a lot of problems!!

If I could go back now I would of tried a natural labour with Ellie only because of the after affects of the caesarean.... It is not the easy option!! 

I think it really does not matter how a baby is born as long as the mother and baby are ok!!

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