Monday 11 March 2013

Meal Plan Monday!! #mealplanningmonday

Meal Planning Monday

 We're getting quite good now at meal planning and sticking to it and I have noticed the shopping bill going down as I'm only buying what we actually need and not things we might fancy and then throwing it out when it's not ate...

This week on the menu we have.... 
Monday -  Soup with some nice crusty bread to dip in....
Tuesday -   Chicken Jambalaya
Wednesday -  Ham, eggs, chips & beans.... 
Thursday -  Spaghetti bolognese.... 
Friday - Fish/fish fingers, new potatoes & peas....
 SaturdayHome made burgers in a buns with Corn on the cob....
Sunday - Chicken casserole with mash & veg....

As always I've joined in with the wonderful At Home With Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky


  1. I love crusty white bread, I wish it loved me,dipping slices of it into a warming soup is so perfect for days like these.

  2. Today is totally a soup day! your week sounds yum, good to hear meal planning is helping you save money too - its one of the main reasons we do it and we aim to put nothing in the bin!

  3. Mmm sounds good! Yes that's the great thing about meal planning, saves money and less food waste, I couldn't agree more! x

  4. Ham, egg, chips and beans beans = delicious!
    Soup and crusty bread sounds lush too x

  5. Mmmmm lovely meals, all so comforting and warming in this hideous weather!!!!

  6. I am just getting into soup and also this meal planning, your menu sounds really nice