Saturday 30 March 2013

The bowtie-wearing time lord...

I have been looking forward to tonights TV for weeks!!!


I'm not on about Will.I.Am on the voice!

 I'm on about The Doctor!!! 

Doctor Who!!!!

The newest episode is called The Bells of Saint John and the Doctor finds himself in modern-day London in his search for Clara Oswald the mysterious souffle-baking woman who keeps dying....But there's a problem...Something dangerous is lurking in the city's wi-fi signals, uploading people's minds and imprisoning them - and among those targeted is none other than the woman he has travelled halfway across the galaxy to find. 

Oh Oh Oh!! To say I am excited it an understatement!

The girls have been warned be quiet or go upstairs....

There is not many tv shows I actually watch so I like to enjoy the one's I do!.....I have the tv on most of the time even when I'm on the laptop and glance up it occasionally but Doctor Who is one of the only shows I watch every second of!!

Doctor Who returns to BBC One tonight at 6.15pm

Anyone else watching?


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  1. I bloody missed it as thought it was once past 7!! It's ok though because Midge likes it so we'll pop the ps2 on and watch on iPlayer!