Thursday 14 March 2013

Baker Days Letterbox Cake - Review!!

Everyone loves cake right? 

We do!!....So when the lovely people at Baker Days asked if we would like to review a 'Letterbox Cake' for them there was no way I could refuse...

Bakerdays is a website that makes personalised cakes for any occasion their specialty being 'letterbox cakes' which they send and they fit through your letter box meaning no waiting in for the postman!!

Choosing the cake... 

This was hard....There is a cake for just about everything you could think of (over 500 designs) and if you can't find one you like you can personalise it with one of your own photo's and add words of your choice...

There are so many options...

Letterbox Gift Cake £14.99 - 4-5 portions.
Small Party Cake £24.99 - 8-10 portions.
Medium Party Cake £35.00 - 20-30 portions.
Large Party Cake £45.00 - 50-60 portions.

There are different recipes to choose from too...

Sponge Cake, Carrot Cake, Fruit Cake, Double Chocolate Chip Cake & Gluten and Wheat Free Cake!!

We chose Carrot Cake and waited for it to arrive....Which only took two days....I ordered it about 5pm Tuesday and it came Thursday which I think was very quick!!

When the postman came I head a thud and went running (I only run when cake is involved)....I was dying to get it open and see if it had survived!! It had!! Which I knew it would but I was still quite surprised....

The packaging was brilliant! I was very impressed with the strong box the goodies came in and inside the box a beautiful tin containing the cake (which I will be keeping and using for something else), a card saying 'Enjoy your Cake' & a few balloons, candles & party blowers which I wasn't expecting which is a nice little extra touch...Very thoughtful indeed!! 

So onto the cake!!

When opening the tin it had a lovely little paper tab to make it easy to get out...Which I think was a great help and it was covered in a cellophane wrapping...

The cake it's self looked lovely!! Not the biggest of cakes but as a quirky little gift for someone it is great....We managed 4 slices of it....Which was just enough for a piece each!!  There was just the right amount of icing....Not to thick or thin & I was surprised in how moist it was.....I don't know why but I expected it dry but it wasn't!!

Can you tell the girls enjoyed it :) 

I have someones birthday coming up soon who lives quite a bit away from me and I will be sending one of these cakes....I am really impressed with everything about the service, the choice of cake, the packaging & the cake it's self!! I can highly recommend BakerDays!!
I was sent this free of charge for my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to BakerDays!!


  1. I love this company. Have you seen their One Direction cake? I saw it in the news so I've been looking for reviews. I linked it above on my name if you want to see.

  2. This company sounds very interesting. I like things like this for when I have a small gathering at my house. The cake is just big enough and it can be personalised to make it more special.