Friday 1 March 2013

Ranty Friday!!

Mother's day is really winding me up!!

Not the part where my kids make me cards and breakfast in bed....They have already planned that!!

What is annoying me is all the posts on Twitter and on Facebook such as....

What are you getting your mother for mothers day?

Tell us why you love your mother so much and you can win this? 
What is the best thing about your mother?
Look at this.....Come and buy it for your wonderful mother!!
Here...Enter this comp for you and your mother!!

Well what happens if you don't have a mother? What happens if your mother was horrible and then ran away and left you and your brother....This day is so unfair!! 

This isn't a pity party....I'm past it....I'm just annoyed that I can't take part in many discussions as they are all about how good your mother is and to be honest my mother was not good at all and I have hardly any nice memories.... This has been the major topic of conversation since ohhh the beginning of the week....We still have another week until the big day!!


A friend of mine who has a website was contacted by email...The company was asking if her and her mother would like to go and have afternoon tea and review the place....Sad thing is her mother passed away late last year... All they had to do was have a look about her website and they would of realised this!!

Not everyone has a mother!! Not everyone is a fan of Mothers day....I go along with it for the sake of the kids!!

Saying this I do hope all you mothers do have a lovely day and your mothers too :)


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  1. The whole thing is so over hyped. I keep getting e-mails from companies suggesting things I could tell my kids (i.e mu husband) to buy me... an Ipad, expensive jewellery, etc. We can't afford stuff like that, and even if we could, I would be much happier with a handmade card and my dinner made for me! My Mum died 18 years ago, Mother's Day does still hit a nerve occasionally.

  2. I know what you mean....I would prefer a handmade card, dinner made & a day off the than all the expensive things!! x

  3. its just like all the other over commercialised days, my mum doesnt need to me post on to facebook or bring her lots of gifts we can ill afford she knows i love her and i dont leave it to the one day of the day to tell her. I am more than happy with the childrens hand made cards and the daffodils picked from the garden!