Wednesday 20 March 2013

Slash your food bills!!

Did you know that your food budget is the single easiest way to reduce your expenses? You will definitely see the results both in your health and finances by making an effort in this budget area.

Plan ahead

Slot about half an hour in your schedule to plan your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week....

Start by checking your kitchen cabinets for what you already have on hand, and build your menu around this. Once you have a completed menu you can put together your grocery list. A good tip is to remember to check on toothpaste, toilet rolls etc so that you don’t waste time on unnecessary trips back to the supermarket.

Keep a list of what’s in the freezer
You may have something really delicious in your freezer but have totally forgotten it’s there. Keep a list on the fridge and update it every week for when you are planning your next round of meals.

Grocery shop only three times a month

And stick to your list!  People who eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables always hate this tip. But if you bring them home, prepare them immediately and keep them in airtight containers....Most will easily last ten days. Remember to also stick to seasonal fruit and vegetables – they’re much cheaper!

Plan a ‘meal prep’ day

Try to spend a couple of hours every ten days or so cooking up a big batch of your basic foods. Things like mince, rice, beans, veggies, stews or even stuff that you can just throw into salads or stir-fries. This will save time preparing your weekday meals and you will be less tempted to take the lazy way out and order takeaway!

Become semi-vegetarian

There are a lot of reasons to eat a plant-based diet. One reason is that meat is expensive. Try making rice, beans and other vegetarian options the main staples for your working week and splash out on weekends and special occasions with meat. If that’s too difficult you, consider just one meat-free day a week.

Limit alcohol
If you do drink alcohol, try to limit having it in your home only when you have friends over or planning a special occasion. You don’t need to have it every day, and you will quickly see the savings add up.

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