Saturday 24 August 2013

Doc Mcstuffins: The Doc Is In...Soundtrack - Review

Doc McStuffins is all about a six-year-old girl named Dottie McStuffins who, one day, wants to become a doctor like her mother. As a kid, she "pretends" to be a doctor by fixing up toys and dolls (because of this, everyone calls her 'Doc'). When she puts on her stethoscope, toys, dolls, and stuffed animals magically come to life and she can communicate with them. With a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly, Doc helps toys "feel better" by giving them check-ups and checking their illnesses with "The Big Book of Boo Boos"

In our house we love it....Ellie especially so when we were given the chance to review the CD how could I say no!!

On the CD there are 26 songs which does seem a lot but each song is under a minute long so they are so easy to learn that is if your child doesn't already know them already from the tv show.....I knew quite a few and Ellie knew even more!! The songs are short enough to keep Ellie's attention and the perfect length for good sing-along....

Track Listings....

1. Doc McStuffins Theme Song
2. Time for Your Check Up 
3. Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes”
4. I Feel Better
5. A Lambie Like You
6. Nobody Wants a Broken Toy
7. Wash Your Hands 
8. Do What the Doctor Says 
9. When You Need a Friend   
10. Made in the Shade 
11. Water Water 
12. Eat Good Food  
13. Take Care 
14. You’re Gonna Grow 
15. Because You’re You
16. Loud Loud Louie 
17. Bop, Bop, Bop 
18. Look Great in Glasses 
19. Be Good to Your Tummy
20. Let’s Play Outside 
21. Brush Your Teeth 
22. Get Your Sleep On 
23. Dinosaur Stomp
24. Stars Stars 
25. Everybody in the Pool 
26. Close Your Eyes

Docs songs are so clever and are so fun to listen to....I find myself humming/singing them all the time!.....

"The Doc is in and She'll fix you up.
If your a toy then your in luck.
It's ok don't be afraid the Doc really knows her stuff.
Doo Doo Doo you know it's good for you
The doc is gonna help you feel better"

I would recommend this for any little Doc McStuffins fan!!!

Ohh and did you know Doc McStuffins Theme Song,” performed by the star of Disney Channel's hit series A.N.T. Farm China Anne McClain....There's a useless fact for

I was sent a copy of  "Doc Mcstuffins: The Doc Is In" free of charge for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Ahhh my girl would absolutely love this! Is it sad that I know every song on there? I actually quite enjoy the songs, more so than any other Disney programme. May just have to purchase this for my little lady!

  2. I too am a fan of this show (such a big kid) My youngest who's nearly 23 months lives this and will sit glued to the TV when it's on!