Tuesday 13 August 2013

One Pack = One Lesson

Do you shop at Tesco? Do you buy any Always products?
Did you know every time you buy a UNESCO marked Always pack, Always will donate a lesson to a girl in Senegal.

Always and UNESCO have joined forces to empower thousands more young women in Senegal through education. With less than half (44%) of Senegalese girls being literate Always started their partnership with UNESCO two years ago in France. But now they’re rolling it out to other countries in Europe – including the UK.

In the UK, Always and UNESCO plan to donate more than seven million lessons to support girls education. Thanks to this life-changing initiative, around 3,000 women have already improved their literacy and numeracy skills through traditional and online classes. It’s been so successful that another 3,000 desperately want to enrol too.
If you want to help invest in a better future for women around the world you can and it won't cost you anything extra!!

For each UNESCO-marked pack purchased, Always will donate £0.03 and while that may not sound like a lot to us with the combination of traditional classes and education via new technologies it’s enough to fund one 45 to 60 minutes lesson....

I am posting this as part of a BzzAgent campaign.....I have been provided with samples of Always Pads and Pantyliners.


  1. i did not know that does it have to be Tesco's or any store

    1. It says find them exclusively at Tesco...So I'm guessing yes it's just Tesco but keep an eye out...They might be elsewhere :) x