Thursday 29 August 2013

My baby girls birthday....

I really can't believe my little girl is 6 today!!

It does not seem like 6 and a bit years since she was just a scan picture!!

These last 6 years have flown over....

One picture for each year she's been with us!!

 We always remember her first steps...On the 31st of October 2008....Halloween!!

She started nursery only five days after her 3rd Birthday!! In my opinion she was far too young but she took to it really well...

She has done so well at school.....

She has gone from being such a tomboy to loving everything Princess related and pink!

It's quite scary how fast she is growing up....But she is and I'm so proud of her....

Happy Birthday to my little chicken!!



    P.S I read on the toilet too, but don't tell anyone! X

  2. Happy Birthday. It's scary how quickly they grow up

    1. Thank you! It is!! My eldest is 11 in a couple of weeks! Eek!!

  3. Aww, such lovely pictures and some great memories for you. Hope you all had a wonderful day xx

  4. What a cutie! My eldest is 6 this year as well. It's such a great age (so far) Mine has gone the other way and hates all things pink and princessesy - but that may be because he little sisters are big in that stage so she thinks it's for little ones.

    Hope she had a lovely birthday.

  5. Loved your photos! Isn't it amazing how much they transform every year - not just physically but as persons? Hope she had a great birthday!