Wednesday 21 August 2013

The cost of going back to school...

John Lewis have released a statement saying that the addition of ereaders and smartphones to the playground have made the cost of going back to school soar.

The cost of modern gadgets combined with school uniforms, stationery, a lunchbox and a new bag leave the cost of returning to school at an average of a massive £550.80. In today’s money, that would compare with £252.50 in the 80s and £231.20 in the 60s.

Madness!!! Who are these insane people who spend that much?

Considering most schools ban electrical items such as e-readers, phones and things like that being taken into school why you would be buying it as part of school uniform?....They're talking a load of rubbish!!

This year the back to school shop has cost me about £98 for my girls.....

6 Pairs of Girls School Jersey Trousers - £24
School Easy Iron Short Sleeve Shirts - 2 Pack - £5.00
V-neck jumper with school logo - £9.00
School tie - £5
2 Coats - £32
2 Pairs of shoes - £18
2 Pairs of  Plimsolls - £5

We have got off pretty cheaply this time....The girls have school bags with the school logo on with lots of wear left and Ellie has plenty of jumpers which Becky has grown out of....Lunch boxes are not needed as they have school lunches and stationary is not needed as the school prefers the children to use there stationary....

I can understand it getting more expensive when kids hit secondary school as they can be very specific about uniform with blazers, stationary and specialist PE kits but still can't imagine it costing £550.80!!

I wouldn't even consider buying them anything electronic for school....We are lucky when the children get to Year 4 in my girls school they get their own little laptop to bring home each night to use....Maybe that's why I'm not spending so much on them going back to


  1. hiya Kim looks like you have spent enough though more than I have spent! i am dreading the next few years as mine get a little bit older its going to cost a fortune I am wondering if i could message you to ask you a few questions if you don't mind? thanks Helen x

    1. Next year will be the big spend for us! My eldest starts high school!! Eek!
      Yes of course you can message me. You can email me on

  2. I think it can become ridiculous! I am lucky mine is only just in his second year of primary school so things are still quite cheap, can imagine the expense when they hit secondary and need so much more!

  3. I completely agree with you. Why would you but a smartphone for a child in primary school? Or any electric device for that matter? My list is pretty much similar to yours, only I will be buying most of it through the school, so it's even cheaper...
    Am dreading the move to secondary in a few years, but in the mean time, there is no way I am spending 500£ on a back to school shopping trip...

    1. When we buy through the school the price triples I've found! The red V-neck jumper is £3 in Asda but £9 at our school just because of the Logo and I'd say Asda's were better quality! Grrr! x

  4. I have bought nothing! They're going back to school in what they were wearing 4 weeks ago when they broke up! Maybe I'm a bad mum ;)

    1. If I sent my two back to school in what they wore on the last few days of term they would be called Holes in shoes and their trousers & their winter coats are too small...If everything fitted and was in good condition I wouldn't of bought No you're not a bad mum at all...Very sensible I'd say! :)

  5. My daughter went into year 9 yesterday and her back to school kit cost £264 that's not including a coat as she doesn't need a new one yet.