Saturday 31 August 2013

1 in 7 children are going without breakfast

According to the website Netmums 1 in 7 children are going without breakfast....

"For many families, skipping the most important meal of the day isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. One of the main reasons that lots of kids are starting the day on an empty tummy is sadly due to the increasing number of families in this country who live in food poverty"


I just can't understand this....How do they know this? Where does the research come from

I've just done my sums....

ASDA Smart Price Cornflakes! 750g - 46p
4 Pints of Milk! - £1
ASDA Smart Price Strawberry Jam - 29p
ASDA Smart Price White or Brown loaf - 47p
ASDA Bananas - £1

Which comes to £3.22 there is more there for a weeks worth of breakfasts but gives some variety!

For every view of the video on Netmums, share on facebook or tweet on twitter Kellogg’s will donate a breakfast to a child in need

Why should other people have to take responsibility for making sure these children are fed surely that is the parents role....

I don't believe for one second that 1 in 7 families can't afford a loaf of bread and a pot of jam.....Yes kids can be fussy at breakfast time and they sometimes do not want to eat....but them not being given/offered breakfast is just simple neglect!!

I wonder how many of these homes claiming poverty have a Sky contract, mobile phone contract, lovely homes, drink and smoke? 

Things like this annoy me..... 

My girls get breakfast every morning! Obviously!....Toast or cereal they don't always eat it...So when time runs out and we have to leave the house they have a breakfast bar or fruit on the walk to school...

I think it is a cheap bit of advertising from Kellogg's roping in Netmums show themselves as a caring family company who care more about children than profits....No I don't think so!!! If Kellogg's are so bothered they should donate their cereals to food banks...I think the whole thing is just a marketing ploy and it annoys me!!....


  1. Hmmm.... I'm not sure. We have kids who get cross if you keep them in at lunch for detention because their free school meal is their only proper meal of the day and their dinner will probably be minimal. My friend was telling me of a lad in her year 1 class who not eat again until tomorrow after his school lunch.... I think that sometimes parents don't prioritise their income properly, but there are families struggling to afford to eat. It breaks my heart to think that children go hungry, irrespective of why they're going hungry, it's not their fault... She sats as her toddler threw her pancakes AND banana on the floor this morning....

  2. When I see news reports regarding the issue of breakfast I also find it hard to believe that a family can't afford to feed their child some sort of meal before school, as you have calculated it can be done for a minimal cost. I think some families do not know how to prioritise and in these cases could do with some sort of classes to learn this skill.