Friday 30 August 2013

Sofia the First Soundtrack - Review

It's no surprise that we are huge fan's of Disney....Becky loves The Disney Channel & Ellie loves Disney Junior...

Ellie has a couple of favourite shows at the moment Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First...

When Sofia’s mum marries the king, she’s whisked off to the castle, where she learns what it means to be a real princess. Sofia discovers empowering lessons about kindness, forgiveness, generosity, and self-respect. Classic Princesses, make special appearances to lend their words of wisdom to Sofia. Through this journey, Sofia discovers that looking like a princess isn’t all that hard, but behaving like one must come from the heart.

 We were lucky enough to be sent the Sofia the First Soundtrack to review and when I first showed Ellie her first reaction was to scream Sooooofffffiiiiiaaa theeee fiiiirrrrssst!! To say she was excited was an understatement!! I wished I'd caught her reaction on camera...

Track Listings...

1. Sofia the First Main Title Theme – Sofia
2. Anything – Sofia
3. Princess Things – Cast
4. Make Some Noise – The Trolls and Sofia
5. Cedric the Great – Cedric
6.Royal Fun – Sofia
7. Perfect Slumber Party – Amber and Sofia
8. All You Need – Sofia and Vivian
9. Blue Ribbon Bunny – Clover
10. I Belong – Sofia
11. The Goldenwing Circus – Cast

Bonus Tracks
12. True Sisters – Sofia and Cinderella
13. Rise and Shine – Sofia

This is a lovely CD....Some of the songs are just so cute....The songs are much easier to listen to as an adult than some of the other children's tunes....They are not annoying in the slightest....

Ellie loves it!! She sings and dances and as listened to it about 20 times already in a few days....She recognised quite a few of the songs from the TV series and since listening to it over and over she knows just about every song....

If you have a child in your life who loves Sofia the First, this CD is a great gift!!

I was sent a copy of the Sofia the First Soundtrack free of charge for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. A good birthday present tip :-) x

  2. As a Mum of two boys, I confess I haven't even heard of Sofia the first. Looks very cute

    1. lol...I'm lost when it comes to boys toys with having two girls...

  3. Aw how cute is this! Sienna needs it haha! X

  4. With a niece who is obsessed with all things Disney Princess and Sofia The First, this will definitely be going on my Xmas shopping list xx

    Love From Mummy

    1. It is a great CD....Way less annoying then some childrens music!

  5. Madam loves Sofia, I think she's probably a bit old for it but a princess in purple with similar hair to hers is incredibly appealing to her! xx

  6. As a Mum of two boys I will not be getting this but maybe for my niece.

  7. my little gils loves sofia and we watch it daily!

    1. I think during the holidays I saw an episode every