Monday 31 August 2015

Ellie's best birthday yet.....

On Saturday it was Ellie's birthday.....She had an amazing day! Ellie had all of her day planned and it went exactly how she wanted it too.....Hooray!

She got up and opened her presents....Then had her breakfast....Croissants and milkshake!

Then we headed off to soft play! My idea of hell....There was no Wi-Fi, far too many screaming kids and my girls jumping and diving off things making me a nervous wreck but they had a fantastic time, especially Ellie! Lunch was a meal of hot dogs and chips which cost a small fortune but it was a special treat and my girls are worth it....

Then we went home to Ellie's special surprise! The Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Doc - Mobile Clinic She didn't have a clue and as soon as she ripped the wrapping paper the squealing an screeching began! She was so happy and so excited.....Of course she loves it and the best mam of the year award goes to me! Hooray!!

 Ellie requested a Chinese takeaway for tea and that is what she got.....We got enough to feed a small army and stuffed ourselves....Then there was cake! I bought some relightable candles which were a little too good....I ended up having to run them under the cold tap to put them

Ellie finished her perfect birthday in her new Frozen ready bed watching X-Factor.....That is where she fell asleep! Extremely happy and another year older.....


  1. It sounds like she had a wonderful day, bless her little face in those photos she looks so happy xx

  2. Aww happy birthday Ellie looks like a fab day

  3. It sounds like Ellie had a brilliant birthday, you guys really managed to pack a lot of exciting things into one day! It's great she loved all her presents too. #MagicMoments.

  4. Congrats certainly sounds like a perfect day! #magicmoments