Thursday 13 August 2015

If I Could....

The lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence was kind enough to tag me in the If I Could tag....

I am actually happy with my life but we all like to dream don't we....I think to live the daydream life I want I would have to win the

If I could live anywhere:

Florida....Disney World on the doorstep....The warm weather would be fantastic and all that American food....Oh and seeing the fireworks every night at Disney.....What could be better.....

If I could have any home:

It would have to be big....Say 6 bedrooms, a home office, a cinema room, a playroom for the kids and a swimming pool.....I of course would need a maid to help with the cleaning.....

If I could have any garden:

It would have to have a lot of privacy. High fences or walls.....Lots of garden toys for the kids to play with....Some lovely garden furniture to laze about on when we have some nice weather....A shed for Stu to keep his DIY stuff and maybe somewhere where we could plant things....

If I could be on holiday right now:

Disney World....The answer is always Disney World....hehehe

If I could have any job:

I would love to run a restaurant! Manage it not actually do the cooking, cleaning or serving....I don't have a clue what food I would serve but it would be family friendly and a lot of

If I could have any talent:

I would love to be able to sing like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion belting out those power ballads.....I wouldn't go on X-Factor or anything I would just like to be able to sing in

If I could live any day again?

You would think I would choose the day's the girls were born but that is too predictable....I think it would be the day I finally met Stu in person after chatting to him online for what seemed so long....I knew he was "the one"....We instantly hit it off and just spent all afternoon and night chatting....

If I could have any superpower:

I would love to read peoples minds.....Especially my girls. I would love to know what they are thinking...Life would be so much easier....

I tag you all to take part in this....


  1. Reading other people's minds would be a great superpower (although might be a bad thing sometimes too!) Love the idea of having Disney World right on your doorstep :-)

  2. I love your answers and I'd recommend Walt Disney World in Florida for a holiday as it's magical no matter how old you are. So lovely to learn more about you, Kim x

  3. I love how often Disney comes up in your answers! Interesting tag, never heard of this one. I'll have to give it a go :)

  4. You're Disney mad! Adding this to my drafts, I do love a tag! :) x