Saturday 22 August 2015

Project 365 - Week 34

Saturday again.....Already! The closer we get to the kids going back to the school the quicker the days seem to go....We have had a pretty busy week....You can read about it on my Word of the Week post.....

227/365. 15th August 2015

The thoughtful princess.....hehehe

228/365. 16th August 2015

Happy Birthday Stu! 

229/365. 17th August 2015

Playing the Lego Marvel game together....They love it. Not as much as Minecraft

230/365. 18th August 2015

Becky had her tooth out to make room for her braces....She was so brave....

231/365. 19th August 2015

The girls both got to pick a treat for being good while out shopping for school supplies....Becky got the Vloggers Yearbook....I may have slightly wanted it too....hehehe

232/365. 20th August 2015

Ugh! The drain which caused so much stress on Thursday! It was blocked with wet wipes and was overflowing....Thanks kids! Hooray for Northumbrian water who sent someone out for free to unblock it....I was thinking we were going to have to pay.

233/365. 21st August 2015

The kids finished school over a month ago and I washed all the school clothes weeks ago....So why do I have school clothes on the washing line.....Oh yeah! Because I have a girl who pulls all her clothes out of her drawers and then instead of putting them all away she puts them into the dirty washing basket....Grr!!



  1. Oh no re the drain and the washing! Well done re her tooth, hope the braces go ok

  2. I am in denial about the whole going back to school thing! Becky was very brave at the dentists. Happy birthday Stu! :-)

    1. She was a star....I wouldn't have been so brave!
      Thank you!

  3. Well done Becky for being so brave at the dentist! And belated birthday wishes to Stu.

  4. Ours are back at school this week. time does go too quick.
    Really irritating when you wash and iron stuff then they trample all over it and stick it back t start the cycle again.
    Ouch at the tooth out but lets hope it helps the brace to do its job
    Happy Belated birthday Stu

    1. Thank you!
      These holidays have really flown over. It doesn't seem that long since they broke up from school...

  5. The old clean clothes in the laundry basket scenario! Yes, I know it well. What a fab week

    1. They have been warned....hehehe I have enough washing to do without washing clean