Saturday 1 August 2015

Project 365 - Week 31

This week we have spent most of our time indoors....I really am starting to believe we have had our summer...The weeks before the kids finished school for the We have kept ourselves amused and towards the end of the week the kids did manage to play outside a little....

206/365. 25th July 2015

A Saturday night treat....Cadbury's Chocolate cream cake....It was so good!!

207/365. 26th July 2015

Becky has mastered the art of a lazy Sunday.....

208/365. 27th July 2015

Burgers for tea....Stu always makes the best one's! 

209/365. 28th July 2015

Becky finished off her French homework on the computer....I'm glad she understood it because I didn't....

210/365. 29th July 2015

I had a lovely hamper of granola delivered that I won....The box it came in has a new use....I have used it to tidy the table beside where I sit up....Perfect!

211/365. 30th July 2015

It was quite a nice day on Thursday! I actually got some washing out on the line and it was lovely seeing some blue skies...

212/365. 31st July 2015

Ellie has started playing The Sims.....She has killed more than I can count but she's loving it. lol


  1. We haven't had much of a summer yet either. We had sunshine this morning but it soon turned to rain again! Lazy Sundays are the best :-)

  2. The weather this week really has been disappointing. Those burgers look really good! Impressed that Becky did her homework over the holidays.

  3. The weather has been awful here too, one day we even had jumpers on! Hoping the new month brings better weather. Hope you ave a good week x #project365

  4. The weather has been so rubbish for the school holidays hasn't it. Looks like you've all managed to keep your spirits up though