Friday 31 July 2015

I've been spending.... #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is....

It's been one of those weeks all I seem to have done is spend money or try to spend

I shopped for Becky's birthday which is the start of September.....Everything I bought involves either Minecraft or I think she will be happy as long as she remembers she had a new phone as an early birthday present a few months ago and she has tickets to see One Direction too....

I had another faff on with Tesco when ordering Becky's birthday things....They forget to add something to the box for delivery.....They were quick to resolve the issue but last night I was back in touch about a book which was being sent separately...It hasn't arrived...It was due to arrive Wednesday or Thursday.....The other 2 books I ordered with it arrived Monday coming from the same place but not this one...I have been told to wait until next week as Royal mail are delivering.....Grr! Tesco are making me so angry lately!
Stu's birthday is the middle of next month.....He is easy to buy for....He knows what he wants! Tools and computer parts. I have bought a couple of things.....

I've been ready for Ellie's birthday later next month since about She also knows what she want's and I still love buying toys.....It will be a shame when she's a few years older and stops playing with toys....

I have been talking about getting a new laptop since well before Christmas. Mine is on it's last legs and has been for a while....I have got to the point now where the cardboard wedged in between the screen and keyboard part isn't keeping the screen on all the time....There has always been something else to buy but I have been slowly saving up and I'm getting there..... I really want to buy one from Curry's or PC World because of their Product Care Plan....They protect against all sorts of breakdown or damage and either fix or replace it.....I did have it on this laptop for a few years but never renewed it....Silly me!

Anyway....I actually saw one on the Curry's website for just under £200 which I thought was cheap....I ummed and ahhed about it, looked at reviews online and by the time I went back to check it was out of stock! Grr! I will keep looking!! I wish there was still a Curry's here in Ashington....The closest one is an hour away so really inconvenient to just pop in and see what they have in stock and are selling off cheap.....

I made a start on shopping for the kids school uniform for September.....I went through everything both girls really needed was trousers which I bought.....Becky still needs shirts and I might get away with just having to buy Ellie shoes....Becky's still fit at the moment and I only bought them a couple of months ago so they may still do for September....I realised I won't have to buy Ellie a coat as the Trespass one we reviewed still fits and is practically new.....So there isn't as much as I thought to buy....

People often ask why we never go on a summer holiday this is why.....3 birthdays & back to school all in the space of a few weeks....This time of year gets so expensive for us!

The Reading Residence


  1. I know how you feel. 6th is my Son's birthday, 8th we are going Thomas Land at Drayton Manor for his birthday treat, 10th is my partners birthday and also the day we go to Turkey. 4th of September is my daughters birthday and then back to school 7th so new uniforms are needed. Got to get a few more bits for partners and daughters birthday, pay for Drayton Manor and visa's today and put money away for our spending money. It's an endless list of money expenses. It's a bit like Christmas x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Good grief I bet your purse is crying lol!We never have holidays either all 3 of our kids have Summer birthdays too x #wotw

  3. Ah that does seem like a lot of things to buy, with a lot of frustrations along the way! Hope you find the laptop you're after! Xx

  4. I like spending money, but I hate getting ripped off!

  5. It can be an expensive game, can't it!.
    Hope you get to treat yourself to that laptop too :)

  6. Oh, I know this feeling! With the kids birthdays both coming up, new uniform to buy, we've just been away for a few days and we're getting some new pets - I daren't add up all of the spending! Glad you're getting it all sorted, though x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. I am saving my Tesco vouchers for my son's school needs and hopefully it will be enough plus I hope there wont be problems when its my time to order with them! #wotw

  8. Ouch on the flop side all.around.Christmas haha have a great.week X