Saturday 11 July 2015

Project 365 - Week 28

Even thought this week has dragged it doesn't seem two minutes until I did my last Project 365 post....My girls have one more week at school then we have 6 weeks of fun!! I can't wait....We are so ready for a break from the school routine!

185/365. 4th July 2015

My favourite drink at the moment...Pineapple, Carrot, Banana & Mango....It is so refreshing but is the thickness of soup. lol

186/365. 5th July 2015

A lazy Sunday and the girls probably spent far too much time playing Minecraft!

187/365. 6th July 2015

The kids went to bed at about 8pm.....I checked on them and Ellie was in her own bed at about 9pm.....I went upstairs a few hours later to go to bed and found her slap bang in the middle of my

188/365. 7th July 2015

Becky went on a school trip to Newcastle University. There was a Science fair. She wasn't too impressed with the event as they were just sat in lecture rooms but she was very happy with the bag of loot she got.....

189/365. 8th July 2015

Subway for lunch....So good!

190/365. 9th July 2015

Becky has a new book to review....She is liking it so far!

191/365. 10th July 2015

Ellie came home with a certificate yesterday....The hand writer of the week! She has had her issues with not paying attention in class and refusing to do the work so this certificate has made me so proud!! She has been trying so hard this week.


  1. kids are super stealth at moving from bed to bed without us knowing about it

  2. I'd love it if my son won a handwriting prize - that's his big weakness at school. We can't wait till the summer hols either.

    1. Ellie hates writing....I was so surprised! Thank you!

  3. Well done Ellie, that is a great achievement. I hope you have a lovely week x #project365

  4. Well done Ellie, what a fab achievement!

  5. Well done Ellie! Ooh, I've never been to subway! Looks yummy! x

  6. The school trip doesn't sound like much fun does it. Lovely pictures though!