Saturday 4 July 2015

Project 365 - Week 27

What a fab week it has been weather wise....I feel like I should have more outdoor photos but I turn into a sweaty, stressy, mess when I am too

178/365. 27th June 2015

I love Ellie's new jeans....So summery! I want them.
179/365. 28th June 2015

Lego building time.....We had a great time with the LEGO Elves sets we were sent to review!

180/365. 29th June 2015

It was time for a new curtain rail since I somehow managed to pull the other one down and snap it in half....My fella had the honor of putting it up.

181/365. 30th June 2015

See that! The actual bottom of the washing basket!! It isn't a A shame it didn't stay empty for long!!

182/365. 1st July 2015

We had the most epic storm on Wednesday night....It started about 4pm lasted an hour and then again about 11pm and lasted for hours.....Becky managed to catch some lightning on her phone!
183/365. 2nd July 2015

Ellie's new pastime is playing in the bathroom sink.....She can and has played for hours...

184/365. 3rd July 2015

My fella gave his desk a huge tidy....Cleared it all. I now have a huge pile of paper work to sort out. Ugh! 


  1. You certainly had a busy week! It also felt as if we've fast forwarded to Autumn a few days ago.... One minute, it's sunny and really lovely, the next it's as depressing as an autumn/winter day. At the moment, it feels like summer has come back ;) x

  2. Love Ellie's jeans! That lightening pic is fab too, we had loads here too, but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo! x

  3. So impressed by Becky managing to capture the lightning on her phone. Am amazed by your washing basket photo - I didn't realise that there was a bottom to them, lol! :-)

  4. Ha ha, that's the problem with clearing up - it creates more stuff to be tidied! Very impressed with you finding the bottom of your laundry basket and awesome photo of the lightning.

  5. it is so satisfying clearing the washing pile isn't it? but sadly, as you say, it does not last very long! I love the colour of your daughters jeans too, very summery. x

  6. Bottom of the wash basket? That's something ive never seen! Well done! ;) we're waiting for a storm that hasn't arrived yet. Raining now :( Kaz x

  7. Well caught with the lightning picture, think we all needed the storm.
    Jealous of the Lego, Bob loves the stuff.
    I dont suppose the basket stayed empty long in his heat, I have had 2 or 3 t-shirts a day on.
    Im with you, I turn into a crabby old woman in the heat and just wilt and stay in as much as I can

  8. The storm was amazing wasn't it?! The thunder was so loud ...!

  9. What a busy week. Ha! Well done for the lightning pic, it's something I always wanted to take a photo of. :) xx