Friday 3 July 2015

The countdown is on.... #WotW

Friday again which means it's time for my Word of the Week but first of all hasn't the weather being lovely.....Well apart from the thunderstorms we had Wednesday night....Becky rushed home from school as she didn't take a coat and got in just before the rain started....The girls loved it and stood in he backyard watching the lightning.....I was hidden inside with the curtains closed....I don't like thunder! lol

This week my word of the week is....

Anyway the countdown is on.....The girls have 10 more days at school.....Whoop! Whoop! I mentioned what I realised about Ellie's behavior to the teacher yesterday....How she plays up this time every year and the teacher thinks I may be right.....We're just going to ride it out for the rest of the term and see how she gets on in September and start fresh....It's not really a solution but if my thoughts are right it means we can be prepared for next year! 

Ellie's sports day didn't happen last week due to the rain but the summer fair did and I think everyone had a great time....Ellie certainly did. hehehe The school is trying to arrange the sports day for sometime before the holidays start.

This week Becky has been trying out her Year 8 routine....Nothing much changes for her....She has a new form tutor and she has to go for lunch with the rest of the school....In year 7 they go 20 minutes earlier to beat the rush....She doesn't like it at all but she said she was arguing with a year 10 because they pushed I thought it was fantastic she stood up for herself...

We got a letter from the Becky's school about her end of term school trip....She doesn't want to go. It's at Wet & Wild a swimming place with lots of big slides....She isn't keen on swimming or anything like this so she has decided to stay in school where she will get to play on the computers for the time the others are swimming.....She is over the moon! Minecraft for hours is her idea of heaven......I was put off by the price too.....£14.95. Doesn't seem to bad but when you look on the website it only costs £4.95 for the 4 hours they will be there and £10 each for transport! Rip off!!

I have mentioned in the past about my nephews grandmother... Late last year she had a tumor on her brain the size of a golf ball....She had treatment and by November it had shrunk to the size of a marble....Earlier on in the week I got the news that the cancer is back and there is nothing left they can do to help her....They have given her a couple of months at the most....It's so sad. Not something you want to countdown at all....

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  1. Sorry to hear about your nephew's Grandmother, that's very sad. I can't believe they only have ten days left at school-mine have fourteen. It sounds like the MInecraft will be good. The price of transport is always expensive for school trips. It's such a shame.

  2. Sorry to hear about your nephew's grandmother, devastating news for her and her family.

    I hope the holiday countdown goes well and Becky enjoys her minecraft day! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Countdown is a perfect word... I am counting down to Sunday; I’ve missed last four car boot sales and I am really looking forward to some “me time” among strangers :-)

  4. Great word - and yay to school holidays, and I hope it's already wine o'clock for you - I'm tempted by a Pimms and Tennis this evening :) sorry to hear the news that the cancer is back, devastating news I'm sure x #wotw

  5. A Minecraft day, my eldest would love that as well! Sorry to hear about your nephew's grandmother too.

  6. So sorry about your nephew's Grandmother,it's always hard isn't it.I can't wait for the summer holidays,I despise the school run x #WotW

  7. Yep, we are on countdown too! Cannot believe it! I am so sorry to hear about your nephew's grandmother - so very sad. Kaz x

  8. Not long now until you can sack the school run!
    and I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your Nephew's Grandmother,
    such a hard time for her and the family. x

  9. So sorry to hear about your nephew's grandmother - what sad news. Sending you a big virtual hug. Hope the countdown to the school holidays goes by quickly and that you enjoy your summer together.

  10. Hi Kim, cancer is never a nice thing and I am so sorry to hear that your nephews Grandmother is now terminal....Looking on the brighter side of life, the summer holidays are just around the corner ( I can see parents all over the UK jumping for joy!) and the weather has certainly been abnormally nice recently. Just a shame that rain ruined sports day.


  11. oh so sorry to hear that it is so so sad. and yes there is no point going on a trip she is not bothered about xx

  12. Sorry to hear about your nephews grandmother.
    Hope you have a great summer with Becky once the holidays roll around x