Tuesday 21 July 2015

Top tips for travelling by train with children....

It's the summer holidays so that means days out and trips away!! 

Book in advance!!

You can buy your train tickets from TransPennine Express which sound great as they don’t charge booking fees and you can collect nectar points which you can save and exchange for more days out.....

Travel at off-peak times if you can.

The train will be less crowded which means you may be able to grab some extra seats for your child to move around and play....

Choose your seats carefully.

If you can, choose a set of seats that are facing each other so your family can have a bit of space to stretch out on the trip

Arrive early

Irrespective of whether you have booked your ticket in advance or not you should arrive at the station early...Just so you are not rushing and panicking about missing the train....Plus it gives them chance to see the
"big board" that lists train departures and arrivals, check out the tracks and take a seat on a bench to watch the trains arrive and leave....

When boarding.

When you're boarding the train decide who is going to get on first, who will go last and who is carrying what to be sure nothing and no one gets left behind.

Pack Snacks!

The last thing you want is hungry children and you'll certainly save money by taking a packed lunch....
Plan entertainment for the ride!

The great thing about trains is that you usually get a fairly decent sized table on which to spread out your things....So remember to bring lots to do.....Colouring pads, comics and even print some kids travel games out to help the journey go by quickly....

I do like the look of this Bingo game.....It would even be good for travelling in the car too....

Never ignore the train and safety guidelines.

Train travel may be something new and different for your little one's...
Always keep your self between the track and your kids and do not let them go off your sight. While waiting on the platform, boarding or deboarding the train, always hold their hands as the place may be crowded. Make your kids aware of the rules on the train....

Let your children have their own backpack.

Let your kids carry some of the weight....Make them feel important....

Get moving as much as you can. 

Let your little one take walks down the train’s aisle (of course while holding your hand) to let them blow off some steam....

Take spare plastic carrier bags.

They are very handy for collecting rubbish.

Take blankets and pillows for longer journeys.

Do your children have a favourite blanket....It will will comfort your child especially if the train trip coincides with your child’s nap time....For longer trips a pillow would be good. Small children can sit on a pillow so they can see out of the window better while older children may find sleeping more comfortable with a pillow....

Give the kids a camera.

Giving little one's their own (child-friendly) camera....It encourages them to look at their surroundings and focus on what interests them....

Avoid sweets.

Resist the temptation to keep your little one's going on a long journey by feeding them sweets. Pack a mixture of savoury snacks like cheese cubes, breadsticks and fruit to avoid the sugar rush!

Brand them

If you’re going to be travelling through busy crowded places write your mobile number on your child’s arm in biro in case they get lost....

Remember the baby wipes

Even if all your children are long out of nappies don’t forget the baby wipes. They’re useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats and wiping down tables.

Happy Travelling!


  1. Well, I have to admit I've never taken kids on the train... unless we count Underground. I love driving and my car, so it is my prefered way of transportation.

  2. Lots of great tips here. We love travelling by train. Snacks are a must! I like the idea of labelling the children with your phone number.

  3. Can't agree more about taking baby wipes, they are essential for all journeys! Train bingo looks fun :) x

  4. Great tips, will be travelling by train with my four month old daughter for the first time on the August bank holiday, give me strength!!

  5. Great tips, love this idea x