Friday 17 July 2015

Year 7 & 3 done!!

That's it....School is out for summer! Another school year done!

 This school year really seems to have flown over....It doesn't seem two minutes since Ellie started in year 3 and Becky started her secondary school in year 7. They have both grown so much.....Physically and mentally!


This time last year I was stressing about how Becky would cope with secondary school.....I really needn't have worried....She has grown and flourished over the last school year. 

Becky has became so independent....I don't worry so much about her walking to and from school now....She gets herself ready for school, keeps track of her school things and her has never once messed up with her timetable. She is responsible for completing her homework and I never have to nag!!

When Becky left Primary school she was quite shy....Over the last year she has grown so much in confidence.....She is so quick witted and has a smart answer for everything! She has made some fantastic friends and even has a boyfriend.....hehehe

 We had parents evening and every teacher had nothing but positive things to say....She is working at or above all the levels she should be.....She has really excelled at French & art and has already been advised to take these subjects for her GCSE's....

Becky can't wait to start Year 8 so she won't be the youngest in the school.....hehehe


Oh gosh....What can I say about Lets just say I am glad this school year is over.....hehehe

I didn't realise how much she has changed and grown over the last school year until I put these photos next to each other.....You don't do you when you see your kids everyday.

Ellie loves school but her behaviour has let her down.....She has had lots of bad moments but even more good moments....

She has really came on with her schoolwork this year....Especially her reading. She still hates writing but when she is in the right mood she has produced some fantastic work....She is a maths genius so her teacher says...She is nearly top of the class. Not bad for a girl who is nearly a year younger than some children in her class. She will be 8 on the 29th of August some kids in her class turn 9 at the start of September....

She has tried the patience of her teacher but Miss T been so supportive and lovely. She finally saw that Ellie needs some help with her behaviour. We are waiting for an appointment. Hopefully we will have it before she goes back to school in September.....

So that's it another school year done....The uniform what doesn't fit and is too worn has been thrown out or put aside for a friend.....We're now ready to enjoy the summer!!

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  1. Aw it's nice to look back and see how they have come along isn't it.
    Summer hols are the best!, we are so ready too :) x

    1. It certainly is....I can't believe how much Ellie has grown!
      Thank you!

  2. Isn't it great to be able to round-up the year and see the changes. Lovely that your older daughter has thrived and as for your younger one I could look at her smile all day, it is infectious. Mich x

    1. Thank you! That smile gets her out of so much trouble....hehehe

  3. We've just done year 3 as well. I was very impressed with Miss A who overcame the new curriculum and is on target with the new curriculum at the end of the year. Well done on your little maths genius.

  4. What a fab post. It's amazing how much they change in a year. School can make such a difference. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week