Thursday 9 July 2015

I’m The Mum Who…

I was tagged by the lovely Gina at Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies and Kirsty from Something Crunchy Mummy in the I'm the mum who tag which is doing the rounds....

I'm the mum who....Wipes my girls clothes with wet wipes....Especially if they only have one day left at school and their school trousers are dirty.

I'm the mum who....Buys things for my children and go without myself.

I'm the mum who....Actually likes One Direction and Minecraft but pretend to my girls that I don't!

I'm the mum who....Hides in the bathroom on a morning eating Jaffa cakes because I have told the kids there is no chocolate for breakfast.

I'm the mum who....Tells my girls that the fizzy pop I have in my glass is wine just so they won't pinch it off me.

I'm the mum who....Spits on my finger and wipes my youngest girls face when we have forgot to wash it properly on the way to school.

I'm the mum who....Has told the kids a few times that the park is closed on a Sunday just so we can stay in and have a PJ day.

I'm the mum who....Will give the kids Pot Noodles or toasties for tea when I am feeling lazy.

I'm the mum who....Panics when my girls jump or climb something that I think is too big. I can't watch.
I'm the mum who....Will give the kids a proper meal and when they go to bed get a takeaway for myself.

I'm the mum who....Loves to bake but I am not very good at it.
I'm the mum who....Is scared to take the stair gate off the top of the stairs on a night even though my girls are 7 & 12.

I'm the mum who....Forgets to sign permission slips for school.

I'm the mum who....Says do as I say not as I do.

I'm the mum who....Has boxes full of my girls artwork and memories and refuses to throw anything out.

I'm the mum who....Will pinch my girls sweets when they are asleep and blame it on the fairies.

I'm the mum who....Loves my girls to bits but I'm not so keen on other peoples kids.

I'm the mum who....Will sit here watching kids TV without realising after the kids have left the room.

I'm the mum who....Nags my girls to tidy their rooms but has a messy bedroom myself.

I'm the mum who....Never irons clothes.

I'm the mum who....Worries a lot! About everything!

I'm the mum who....Often can't tell my youngest off for laughing....Even when she has been really naughty. 

I'm the mum who....Can't cut my children's finger or toenails. I have cut too far down once on both of them and they hate me for it and won't let me near them with nail clippers. It's a dad job.

I'm the mum who....Thinks my children are the best children in the world.

I'm the mum who....Will do anything for my girls.

I'm the mum who....Is far from perfect.


  1. Not sure if my comment went through but was saying I love this meme and share some naughty habits with you! Mich x

  2. haha I don't do any ironing as well despite owning 3 different irons and 2 ironing boards :-)

    1. I don't even own an iron....Funnily enough I do have an ironing board. lol

  3. I found myself nodding and giggling a long to this. I also still have our stair gate up and never iron (unless I am going on holiday, which is pointless as everything gets crumpled in the suitcase). I thought I was the only one :-)

    1. It's funny how we think we are the only one's who do things like this....hehehe
      Thank you!

  4. I'm with you on wiping the uniform and spitting on my fingers to clean dirty faces. Tell me about worrying... and ironing is a big no, no here as well!

  5. We have so many in common! I also give instant noodles when I feel lazy =P


  6. Now I feel better! I love the stairgate one best, /i can't wait to get mine down and my baby's 14 months! Thanks for linking in to PocoLo from guest host Ali @ Mum in a Nutshell